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The Ice Queen Awakens

The Ice Queen awakens from slumber deep
Irked that Mother Nature stirred her from sleep.
Promptly she devises a wily plot
To silence everything within earshot. 90 more words


week 322 ~ just like wiley coyote

just like wiley coyote
suspended over thin air
I pause to look around me
just like wiley coyote
memorizing all I see
in this moment barely there… 8 more words


Behind the Red Door

Behind the red door and down a great hall
if you’ve had quite enough of life in a stall
you will find around a pied revolving table… 196 more words

Elaine Stirling

On a cloud

On my bed of dreams I lay
on a cloud drifting away.
All my thoughts transient wisps
as imagination trips
on ideas billowed. I play… 46 more words


week 320 ~ fleeting moments

fleeting moments
pack them away
fleeting moments
when time relents
lost memories play
fleeting moments
pack them away


Who would dare love?

Love is such a torturous thing
it makes you cry it makes you sing,
it wrenches at your very core
’til you think you can’t take no more. 72 more words


Cookware Types

Do you ever get confused on which pan you should use? There are so many different types, and it can be difficult to decide which one to use because several look alike. 164 more words