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week 318 ~ orange yellow red brown

orange yellow red brown
rain on the rooftop
grey skies leaves drift down
orange yellow red brown
autumn’s tattered gown
transition’s backdrop
orange yellow red brown
rain on the rooftop


Poem with an explanation: The Specter Looms

The Specter Looms

The specter looms in silence still,
and does not waver in his will,
he stands above with silent gaze,
above the land that’s like a maze, 172 more words


I Am a Monster

I am a monster, callous, cold,
In a mask that reads “heart of gold”.
I’ll touch your soul, make you love me,
I’ll blind you ’til I’m all you see. 72 more words


In Flanders Fields II - a new poem in response to the original

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae
Is heard on each Remembrance Day
And on that day, with heads bowed low
We think of those who fought the foe… 453 more words


week 315 ~ I wonder floating through

I wonder floating through
things insignificant
past what I’d rather do
I wonder floating through
this day exactly who
decides what’s important
I wonder floating through
things insignificant


King of Comedy

I took an entire month to think of what to write for The Writer’s Tower October 2014 theme: COMEDY. It may sound seemingly easy. ‘Comedy’ was such a nice, friendly and cheerful word, but inspiration eluded me until the very last evening. 404 more words


The ethereal - Violin Sonata K378 "Rondeau"

You can’t value something if you don’t exist. Knowing that, would it make sense if I say that I valued something so much that in that moment I ceased to exist? 13 more words