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Beyond Skin Deep

Beyond skin deep is where true beauty lies
It will never fade and it never dies
It’s something that’s felt, that stirs in the soul… 84 more words

T J Therien

A Poem: 6 Poems = 1 Poem: Breakfast

frying two large eggs,
in a small pan with butter,
while bacon crisps

the smell moves around,
of butter and smoked bacon,
filling all the house, 298 more words


While Ink Still Drips

While ink still drips from tip of quill,
While Poet still has wit and will,
To ply his craft and pages fold
Wade through the crap to find the gold… 74 more words

T J Therien

Poem series: Rondeaux Four: Corn


The corn was cut and lay upon the ground,
it was spread out, not in a mound,
it was alright the day before,
but that in state, it was no more, 74 more words


Poem series: Rondeaux Three: Thirst


There was a thirst that was inside,
behind the throat it did reside,
it felt empty but filled with need,
and it had hope for one small deed, 77 more words


Poem series: Rondeaux Two: The Butter Melted

The Butter Melted

The butter melted within the pan,
and then around the edge it ran,
and in the pan the bread did go,
the slices placed within a row, 76 more words


Poem series: Rondeaux One: The Laundry Washed

The Laundry Washed

The laundry washed as it did spin,
in the machine that made a din,
it washed and spun and moved about,
and seemed as if it fought a bout, 77 more words