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C'est la vie ~ NaPoWriMo (Day 14)

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“C’est la vie,” her heart cries once more;
She takes its key and locks the door.
Within her sanctuary ~ weeps
For all the secrets that she keeps. 134 more words

april poetry challenge - day 9


Today’s prompt is to write a shelter poem. This is my attempt, writing in rondeau form:

I find my shelter within books,
between the covers, in every nook… 94 more words

In Barren Fields

In barren fields where once was grown
Golden wheat in springtime sown
Still stands the barn from long ago
The ravages of years it’s foe… 62 more words


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If I trust you enough to lust for you,
it is a blessing, as bloodlust for you
would be the alternative. It’s lethal
when not diluted with love, criminal, 90 more words

Don't Touch Me There

Don’t touch me there, leave me alone
It is too late, you can’t atone
For what you did, it was so cruel
I trusted you, I was a fool… 68 more words


week 284 ~ sun through the window

sun through the window
respite for a day
caught in its halo
sun through the window
golden intense glow
blink cares melt away
sun through the window
respite for a day


The Ruler’s Icy Glare: a rondeau

This is reposted from my daily headline poetry Tumblr, Breaking Poems:

What icy glares this marriage spurred
So cold the bed they wore their furs… 66 more words