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C# loop GroupBy and save keys in new list

I want to make a groupBy over a List<CourseEvent> and save the keys into another List<CourseVendor>

class CourseEvent:

public class CourseEvent : ICourseEvent
    // other properties
    public string Vendor { get; set; }
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Taipei Baboons B 10-7 Ronin

The Baboons B  won 10-7 over Ronin in a one half game.

Date: 11/22, 2014; Place: Bai-Lin Rugby Field (Taipei City)

More photos on www.twrugbypix.com (Photographer: Sheng-Kai Huang).


NaNoWriMo 2014 Update 23 Days In...

23 days in and I have made some serious headway into the beginning of a companion series to the Starshot Chronicles main series. The Ronin… 327 more words

Starshot Chronicles

The Way of the Ronin

Once upon a time, provided you had the money, some knights could be hired for pay. They were the original freelancers: possessing a horse and a lance, and with no bond of loyalty to a lord, they were free. 620 more words



Ronin Cast Trucks

The same engineering in a more affordable package. Completely interchangeable with their precision counterparts, the geometry is nearly identical, but these feature more rake for a quicker turn while retaining a lower (42.5º) baseplate angle for high-speed stability. 81 more words


7/11/14 - 8/11/14 Arrival and Starting Out

Friday 7/11/14

Ive finally arrived in Phuket, Thailand the land of a million smiles and the art of eight limbs…
The airport was no where near as busy as anticipated and I was able to make it through rather quickly, (the main factor in my quick transit being the lack of any personnel at customs and as in the only other Asian country I can remember going to –Bali , it is very easy and acceptable to use currency as a form of diplomatic lubricant, being rushed to the front of the visa line in front of throngs of tourists kicked out in their singlets and double pulgers half cut from the six and a bit hour flight with complementary bad beer and cheap wine.) 1,114 more words



I have no teacher,
I make observation my teacher.

I have no lineage,
I make experience my lineage.

I have no credentials,
I make ability my credentials. 116 more words