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Echo (Maya Lopez) is one of the very few deaf super heroines and Native Americans.

When Echo’s father Willie ‘Crazy Horse’ Lincoln was killed by Wilson Fisk (the Kingpin of Crime) his dying wish was for Fisk to take care of Maya. 92 more words


47 Ronin

As a child I remember my grandmother watching the very popular TV series Shogun, and I watched it with her. I was fascinated by the Japanese samurais, their armours and codes of honour. 160 more words


10 Days with The DJI Ronin

Heres some raw clips from 10 days shooting with the DJI Ronin. I never really had time to mess a ton with the app and settings but this was pretty much the first go around. 46 more words

Patrick Wieland



Gilaman awoke on a subtropical island, with no recollection of how he got there. 852 more words


Ronin: the love without a name

Has it really been three months? Oh my! Not even the most profound of apologies can make up for that. So instead, I’ll offer a short story! 296 more words


Society of ^

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In 2014, a new terrorist organization began to reveal itself. 605 more words