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What I'm Reading #16: New Avengers

I know what you must be thinking. Hey, didn’t you already do a post on New Avengers? I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking.

Alright, this week is admittedly kind of weird, even for me. 453 more words


What a Day

I recently went out and made a fun little purchase. A Robotic Gyroscope used to stabilize cameras(3- axis Gimbal). These toys come by many different names Movi, ronin, or CAME-7000. 81 more words


do while loop with input scanner [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

I would like to create option with do while were user after inputting correct letter will get out of the loop. 104 more words

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Little Man Syndrome.

My 5 foot 7 is irrelevant, I’m 6 6 6 if you threaten my development.

Zack Hemsey, you wonderful man. I’m so glad you were shown to me. 42 more words


C# event is null even though it is subscribed

I have a Flight class and a Form class, I want to send Log messages to a textfield from the Flight class to the Form. 241 more words

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We all have our own interpretation of street wear, it is still difficult to explain it, but it is how we express our selves.

Street wear is becoming a status symbol in the society and it wouldn’t be complete without a few sneakers, t-shirt, button-downs,pocket tees and baseball jerseys/shirt. 271 more words