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Well, Ruffies have two spelling if you look them up. Ruffies and Roofies-either one is no good and definitely unwanted by all. But I’m going with… 1,050 more words

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LizardKing97 Says "Hi ;)" and My Fairy Tale Begins...

Dating is…well, dating…….is a thing.  Dating is a thing that I’ve learned a lot of people do.  And hate.  If we’re being real (which I will always be with you, my dear friends), I’ve been single for a long time.   884 more words

That Time I Got Roofied and Met My Soul-Sister

Bright light poured in through the uncovered window, waking me from my dizzying slumber. I slowly looked around, trying desperately to place where I was, but it was to no avail. 952 more words

6 Fun Ways To Force Someone To Love You Whether They Like It Or Not

Sometimes people need help seeing their own fate. There’s nothing wrong with giving them a little nudge.


Part of any new relationship is learning what’s important to the other person. 575 more words


Watch the drinks.

You’re pretty enough to get roofied.

…*blank stare*…

It’s a real thing.