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shingle hangs

I just figured out why the professionals hang out a shingle. Their fees are through the roof.


Rander Series #1

A pic clicked during my a-lonely photowalks or a photodrive I should say, at rander one of the best place to click vintage architecture. Just one trouble I faced and that was the streets were narrow and buildings were huge it was little tough for me to click better, which you’ll notice in other posts. Still i love the place!

Roofing Contractors in Tampa Can Safeguard Roofs from the Elements

“UV rays can break down the oils in the roof which keep the materials fresh and functional. These factors, combined with the rough hurricane season that the Tampa Bay area regularly experiences, can accelerate roof deterioration. 74 more words


Roofers in Tampa Can Help Keep Various Roofs in Working Condition

Tampa, FL has experienced its coldest month for this year, and previous yearly records predict that temperature averages will continue to spike up mid-year. This is good news, as residents will not be exposed to the frigid temperatures that residents of northern states usually experience. 81 more words




Midnight On Ceiling

Raccoons Playing Basketball

Hoping Both Teams Lost


If You Don’t See Me

Will Be Having Chat With Raccoons

Up On The Roof… 23 more words