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Easter table v.2

This take on the easter table is bit more grown-up, and draws on elements you might find at your parents’ house or maybe even your grandparents’ house! 130 more words


Alternatives to paint

So it’s 9:30pm on a sunday evening, and I’m sitting here watching Scandal while hubby is at a GoT viewing.

In the quest to re-do our bedroom and make it something stylish and cool, I’ve been looking at several options for a wall. 245 more words


Home Style: Camouflage Lampshades

A dose of interior design inspiration:

I love subtle details. Rather than scream for attention, such decorative gems catch your eye at an unexpected moment, making you feel like you’ve just discovered a secret or been included inĀ an inside joke. 67 more words

Interior Design

PMQ Backyard: version 2

This PMQ backyard design has a completely different focus: family eating!

I’ve centred the design around two anchors: the table and the BBQ. Along with a healthy and subtle dose of colour, the lanterns, umbrella and pillows allow for a more cozy feel to what is usually mass produced furniture, which you will see in everyone’s backyard. 265 more words


PMQ backyard: Version 1

Those of us lucky enough to have a backyard in our PMQ know that privacy and comfort are usually at a premium. Tight quarters, there is not always a fence between units, and feeling like your neighbours can see your every move. 435 more words


The Week in Pictures: Wigs, Iggles, Weddings, and Wands.

I have been so completely not here, if you couldn’t tell by my last post date. It’s a mere 2 months to the day until Mark and I get hitched, and I’ve been swamped with creating crafts, celebrations and libations. 519 more words


Lighting for a room with no overhead lighting: Many different price points

As many of you know, PMQ lighting is an oddity. Some rooms have great pocket lights that are flush with the ceilings, others have horrible boob lights that are in an awefull gold finish. 564 more words