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One Day At String Camp


Do You Remember

We Almost Killed Each Other

When We Were Roomates


Amy Lived Next Door

And Her Father Still Lives There

Second Grade Through Twelth… 15 more words



TFW Z makes a passive aggressive comment and tries to pass it off as a joke


My Side of the Room in 105.

I have never written two blogs in one night, but as soon as I read Sarah’s blog about our room, and started crying.. my mind and blogging sense told me to write my side of the room. 1,121 more words

How To Be Owned By A Rabbit

A Guide to Living with a Bunny

In the spirit of spring, I have finally decided to compose a short story about my beloved Bun Bun with the hope that if you are considering coexisting with a bunny, you will learn something, or if not, that you will find a sentence or two amusing. 1,921 more words

The Vedantists

The Back to Godhead magazine is a colorful, glossy publication that is user-friendly in helping to explain the philosophies and doctrines of the Vedantists.  Of course, it really stands out on a coffee table because the cover is usually a picture of some bizarre religious figure painted in all of the many colors and designs of the ancient Eastern art forms.  78 more words

My Conversion Story