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A to Z, a Short, Short


As if it mattered.

Because it does to me.

Can’t you see the pain I’m in?

Do you care at all? 177 more words


freaking out

i can’t believe it! how can I be so stupid?
he didn’t saw it… I refuse to admit it.
how could I forget it’s there? maybe he didn’t see what is inside? 187 more words


Baptizing of the Dress

My roomie and I have a box that has been sitting in our “dining room” since we moved in in May. I say “dining room” with quotes because we have lived here since May and still have no table to dine at. 257 more words



Well, Ive found a roomate. I dont know how that person even look- the roomate thats leaving by the end of the month showed him the apartment. 265 more words


4 turns into 3. . ?

Karen just gave us the news this morning; she’ll be moving back in with her parents by the end of this week. D:
She hasn’t quite told us as to why she’ll be leaving us but she said that she’ll explain everything tonight, with her leaving it leaves the rest of us three to either find someone else or recalculate how we will pay the rent and utilities. 157 more words

Low-Carb Turkey Meatballs

I forgot to buy breadcrumbs! So these are low-carb but still very tasty. Not the prettiest (due to no breadcrumbs), but my roommates loved them!


Late nights.

Yesterday was sort of a day off for us four.
Pauline starts college tomorrow, Ali already started since last Monday and it wears her out (balancing school and work is tough). 125 more words