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365 Day Challenge (Day Twenty Three): Always Pick Higher Rent Over Roommates

Part of my plan for renovating my life in 2015 is to move back to Chicago.  In theory, this move should be one of the more simple tasks on my to-do list (developing telepathy and conquering the word are more challenging than I anticipated). 526 more words

365 Day Challenge

Choosing battles

Hi beautiful viewers! More stuff on my mind than usual. I’m so confused on what path I should take regarding my future and home options. Life seems to be passing me by and I’m playing catch up. 984 more words


A Woman Living in a Man's World: The Odds Are Not In My Favor

Hey everyone!

Things have been super crazy after I found out I got the job with the Navy. There has been a lot happening and I’ve got an interesting situation I want to talk about. 709 more words


Weddings can be tough...I guess...

I love my roommates but since they got engaged its been a mess at the house. I know I promised them the design of their invitations, mainly because I thought it was going to be a good practice for me, but….ugh….I forgot how annoying digital painting can be after not doing it for AGES!!! 16 more words

A Poetic Concept

Beyond excited. Roomie Mckenna and I are going to begin a collaborative poetry project where we write a piece of poetry each week based on words drawn “out of a hat”. 47 more words


Two Birthdays, One Roommate

So after my friend got married not only would I hang out with her and her husband, I would also hang out with his friends and the best man who I ended up having sex with. 801 more words

Coffee And Tequila

College Chapter 1

3 1/2 months. In a new environment, with new surroundings. College wasn’t what I expected it to be, it was basically a glorified high school, with slightly more mature people (and I use the word slightly very strongly). 461 more words