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A nap dream

I look in the mirror and see a tired, ugly old woman with smeared makeup on her face.  I look like I’m trying and failing to be pretty. 110 more words


Day 18.

One of my favorite movies of all time is the drama Glengarry Glen Ross.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s from the early 90′s, adapted from a play by David Mamet.  297 more words

8. "The long-lost roommate."

It was one of those moments familiar to anyone; I was doing something extremely loud or, at the very least, something that consistently drowned out the noise of my surroundings, perhaps washing the dishes – it’s rather unimportant what it was – and somewhere amidst the chaos and cacophony a gentle noise pulled at my attention. 734 more words

Moving Out, Moving On

I haven’t written in forever because finals SUCK and work SUCKS and I just want to retire already. Anyway, good news! I only have to live with my roommate for two more days! 108 more words

Where Should I Call My New Home?

Small rooms that can barely fit two people are a common trait of most colleges throughout the U.S.

Coming to college, people prepared me that my new home for nine months would be smaller than my own room at my house. 355 more words

Chris comes to LA!

I received the most fantastic birthday present via air mail right after we returned from Laguna Beach.  It was my marvelous college roommate Chris!  And we crammed as much of LA into the days she was here as we possibly could.  

Can you say "bomb" on the internet?

I was dismantling a bomb.

No joke.

Or, well in my dream I was.

I was having this super bad ass dream that I was part of the bomb squad, like some Hurt Locker type stuff. 412 more words