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Dinosaur Roommate Forever

During my freshman year of college, my friends and I often entertained ourselves with the question: What if your assigned dormmate was a dinosaur? The idea was conceived as a low budget public access television show. 57 more words


Oestrike's ex-roommate: "He was having thoughts about killing me."

WYOMING, Mich. – In an exclusive interview with FOX 17, Brady Oestrike’s former roommate describes the mental issues and dark thoughts of the accused murderer in the Wyoming Craigslist killings. 352 more words


Home Sweet Home

After 4 years at Harding, I’ve grown used to living away from my parents and having a second home (although of course I always miss them). 494 more words

New Zealand Life

Getting Your Parents Involved

An incident recently occurred with one of my good friends. She was in an argument with a girl who she was subleasing from, and it went on for a while. 132 more words

Being a Reasonable Adult

My roommate. Again. Let’s call her Sally.

Sally is legally an adult but sometimes I don’t really think she’s an adult.

Today we’re going to use her as an example of how not to be an adult. 607 more words


List of K-Varieties (Korean Variety Shows) to watch-2014

Korean Variety Shows, known as K-varieties are getting more and more interesting as the K-pop industry rises.

I’ve always prefer K-varieties to K-dramas, because they’re more of comedy, and not the soapy romantic dramas. 1,697 more words

Running Man

Wow! Penghuni 'Roommate' Song Ga Yeon Pamer Otot Perutnya yang Menakjubkan!

Penghuni ‘Roommate‘ sekaligus atlet MMA (mixed martial arts), Song Ga Yeon baru-baru ini memposting fotonya melalui akun instagramnya.

Pada tanggal 23 Juli, Song Ga Yeon memposting fotonya yang memperlihatkan otot perutnya yang luar biasa. 82 more words