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Rollinghead #3

Rollinghead #3 (Art and Joke by Donovan Pfeifer, Concept by Josh Medsker)

roommates rock.

I’ve lived with 6 girls, 3 girls, 6 guys, 1 guy, 2 guys, 1 girl, my parents and my brother, a houseful of beach bartenders and currently – a guy and a girl.  531 more words

The Word

Roomates AGH!

If I lived anywhere but New York, I would not put up with this two-bit shit  But here, we must co-exist with people who madden us, just to survive. 1,655 more words


You know that one roommate that you hate that always does these annoying passive aggressive shit towards you because they don’t have the guts to say things to your face? 247 more words

Dear Creepy Roommate of my Boyfriend

You’re terrifying. I mean, honest-to-god scary.  You make my skin crawl and my stomach twist in all the wrong ways. The way you lurk, desperately trying to catch my eye – it’s not subtle. 295 more words


So I have this neighbor. She’s nuts. Her favorite past-time seems to be screaming at her roommate for apparently no good reason. This has gone on for months. 460 more words