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Adventures in Darkness Chapter 2-5

In the book Adventures in Darkness by Tom Sullivan, chapters 2-5 is about the life of the three boys before they are living in what they call in chapter one as a prison. 209 more words


That Darn Cat!

Breaking News: I have a roommate

Her name is Mokopu (pumpkin), but when I’m feeling whimsical I call her Mo. She’s a real gem – She eats pesky critters, scares away rats, and doesn’t get upset when I have beat-dropping dance parties late at night (Attendance: Just me). 19 more words


Rules of Courtesy for Roommates

Condom packages on dining room table.  One used, empty.  The other still waiting.  Flour all over the kitchen counters, sink full of dishes and apartment air muggy.   786 more words

Single Life

I think this is a funny wording on the post because I will not be talking about relationships but instead living situations.

When you are used to living with a roommate and then have the opportunity to live in the same room all by yourself I recommend rearranging the future as a first thing. 108 more words

The Great Food Caper (Or, The Ghost That Haunts My Apartment)

The following is an actual conversation that occurred today via text:

Roommate-So I ran a little experiment today.

Me-Oh really?

Roommate-I left something out (food) it looks like a piece was cut from it. 636 more words

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 (Part 2)

On top of being a great addition to the apartment, my new roommate Marjorie told me the craziest story the other day. A story of lies and infidelity, something you see on soap operas or those terrible, unrealistically dramatic CW shows where twenty-eight-year-olds play teenagers. 1,203 more words

End of the Year

Old Post: Original Date – 12/23/2012

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of the year (Yay, we’re still alive) and what I’ve accomplished this year. 767 more words