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Sometimes, You Don't Need A Reason

I currently live with two roommates. Though they can both be very difficult, one of them is actually my friend. Also, I don’t consider myself easy to live with either, I’m definitely not a saint. 3,012 more words


TANZANIA DAY 2: What Does Tanzania Smell Like? ~ Monday, June 23, 2014

11ish – Tanzania

So I’m currently in my room in bed protected by my mosquito nets. I have no idea when today became today so I’ll just pick up form where I left off! 234 more words

Tanzania 2014

I had way too much wine last night

But this second cup of coffee is really making things better. Besides my boss isn’t here yet, so party time. Having coffee while not talking to anyone is my idea of morning party, that should be a thing. 151 more words


The Deafening Quiet of Independence

Living alone is great.

It can also be awful.

I think I’ve always been someone who’s needed others around. Even if it was someone in another room, it’s nice to know that there’s someone there to tell a joke to, complain to, or just sit and watch TV with. 369 more words


I came in like a Buuuuuuuutterball

For anyone not in the USA, tomorrow is Thanksgiving (the greatest holiday in the world forever and always). This means excessive food all day and deep regret later at night. 280 more words


Moving Out Is a Pain

Slumbering through school at the moment, my mood is getting the drop on me while I pour over the apartment listings.  Weirdly enough, I don’t have too many options for one bedroom apartments or studios.   267 more words

Cockroach Cove

A Friday morning & afternoon with no work or class in Hawaii calls for some adventuring. Two of my roommates & I made our way to the east side of Oahu to a small “beach” and cave known as Cockroach Cove. 16 more words