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Lifetime Peace

Given the inspirations and the context of my last post, I thought this was really….trippy…? My roommate just gave me this tonight. Doubt she reads my blog. 45 more words

Shameless Self Promotion: Stone Cities Style

Have you been watching Roommates? How about High School-Love On? Do you want to discuss, dissect, or just read some reviews on these shows? 62 more words

K Drama

The 6 Terrible Roommates You’ll Have In Your 20s

1. The passive aggressive roommate. They seemed cool when you decided to move in together. They always do. They do well in social situations, share some interests with you, and seem to be tolerable all-around. 1,136 more words

Townies - Should You Live at Home During College?

Raysha Duncan, Financial Aid Administrator & Purdue Alumna

Many townies may feel the pressure to both live at home and live on campus at the same time. 821 more words


When Friends Fight...About Alcohol

It finally happened:

We had our first fight.

No, we’re not married (obviously….).

But it still sucks to fight with friends.

Especially when you live with them. 1,403 more words


10 Weird Thoughts You Have When You Have Roommates

1. Whose Milk Is This?

Did I buy this? How long has this been in here? Is this what’s causing the smell?

2. What’s That Noise? 261 more words

Being a Reasonable Adult

My roommate. Again. Let’s call her Sally.

Sally is legally an adult but sometimes I don’t really think she’s an adult.

Today we’re going to use her as an example of how not to be an adult. 607 more words