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The root word: “Lab” — meaning: work.

Collaborate: To work together (co).

Elaborate: To tell more about, to work out the details.

Labor: Work.

Laborious: Strenuous, involving lots of work.


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The root word: “Sub” — meaning: under, inferior to.

Submerge: To put underwater.

Submission: To yield; to be inferior to.

Subordinate: Lower rank, inferior.

Subsequent: later in time. 20 more words


Rooting and Roming

People like me, lovers of technology,  get bored of shiny new objects very quickly.

I got my Samsung Note 2, in 2012 and around 10 months later I had a new launcher,  new fonts and icons. 127 more words


Heute mal wieder auf Hochdeutsch, konnte partout den plattdeutschen Namen auf meinen üblichen Seiten nicht finden. Sachdienliche Hinweise werden gern entgegengenommen. :) Ich mag Stockrosen gern und bewundere immer wieder aufs Neue die tollen Farben.