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The monsters have been chosen!

Starring: Billy and Jay – The Game Chasers

You can read the whole story as it is released HERE

Dexter Morrill

All-Games 2014 Holiday Card

The Virus Gang keeps the artist company hostage for the holidays!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from ‘The Quest’!

Dexter Morrill

Thunderstrike - new Mac "ueberrootkit" could own your Apple forever‏

US-based security researcher Trammell Hudson presented an intriguing paper on Mac rootkits at the recent Chaos Computer Congress (CCC) in Germany.

He called his work… 1,298 more words


Thunderstrike — Infecting Apple MacBooks with EFI Bootkit via Thunderbolt Ports

A security researcher has discovered an easy way to infect Apple’s Macintosh computers with an unusual kind of malware using its own Thunderbolt port.

The hack was presented by programming expert Trammell Hudson at the annual Chaos Computer Congress (30C3) in Hamburg Germany. 76 more words

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Malware - an introduction and classification

Malicious software, or malware refers to programs that exploit vulnerabilities in a computing system for a harmful purpose. These malicious programs can be differentiated into categories based on their behaviours or functions. 560 more words


Top 5 songs of 2014

When it came to individual tracks 2014 was the year in which the Dubstep-scene shut down to make room for a huge amount of Trap-, House-, Drumstep- and even commercial EDM-tracks. 55 more words


How to detect Rootkit?

Rootkit is a set of codes which enables administrator-level permissions for a system or network without telling the original administrator. It might contain spyware and other programs that monitor traffic and keystrokes; create a backdoor into the system for the hackers; infect other machines on the network; and modify accessible system tools to escape detection. 337 more words

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