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Top 5 songs of 2014

When it came to individual tracks 2014 was the year in which the Dubstep-scene shut down to make room for a huge amount of Trap-, House-, Drumstep- and even commercial EDM-tracks. 55 more words


How to detect Rootkit?

Rootkit is a set of codes which enables administrator-level permissions for a system or network without telling the original administrator. It might contain spyware and other programs that monitor traffic and keystrokes; create a backdoor into the system for the hackers; infect other machines on the network; and modify accessible system tools to escape detection. 337 more words

Tech Support

5th December 2014

Friday’s release was courtesy of one of the youngest Monstercat family members in Rootkit. Rootkit has came from the heavy bass scene, to the softer, downtempo scene. 94 more words


I Will Hack Murderer Darren Wilson's Supporters

I’m writing code now that will infect and destroy as much as possible the computers and devices of supporters of the murderer of Michael Brown, Darren Wilson. 62 more words


xingyiquan - simple linux kernel rootkit for kernel 3.x and kernel 2.6.x

This is simple linux kernel rootkit works for kernel 3.x and 2.6.x.


- escalate privilege
This rootkit has a binary utility named xingyi_rootshell, once this rootkit installed, you can get rootshell by type : ./xingyi_rootshell “sw0rdm4n”. 164 more words