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Creation by The Pierces

I really liked The Pierces’ fourth (and in the UK their breakthrough album) ‘You and I’ with it’s hook-laden songs and the sumptuous harmonies of sisters Allison and Catherine. 428 more words


::What's Playing:: Wednesday

You had me at Bellow.

The Lone Bellow :: You Can Be All Kinds of Emotional

What's Playing Wednesday

Remembering Your Roots

Lynda Santiago, director of Environmental Services at Jameson, sees the best in people and in every situation. You can always count on her gentle and friendly smile and her attentive “hello” as she touches every hallway throughout Jameson Health System. 448 more words

We Do Not Stand Alone

United is the core we share
So none stands alone.
Roots anchored deep within
Let the mighty winds blow.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine



In the lengthening shadows my youth hides until it feels safe enough to return for a front porch chat. Whispers from the unseen tempt me to turn back a clock that can only be done in my imagination. 316 more words


I don’t have baby pictures. Not even when i was a child growing up. I had a couple of shots from 6th grade; one during a Christmas party and another on graduation day. 374 more words

132 Jamacians vs. Steel Drum Band

I love my neighborhood for many reasons, but one reason in particular is that it is brimming with Caribbean culture. 186 more words