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Row and row some more

No personal fun stories today. I’m just going to start out with a whine. If this was my first day at CrossFit, it would also be my last. 874 more words



Weighted Strict Pullups/Negative Pullups x3
Rest 90 sec
HS Hold/ HSWalk
Rest 90 sec
5 Rounds

20 Double Unders/40 Single Unders
10 Box Jump 24/20… 23 more words


Believing in Yourself (ALL of the Time)

Last month at CrossFit Palm Beach, I was pumped after climbing halfway up a 15-foot-high rope. That day, I vowed to rise to the top the next time a rope climb appeared on the menu. 399 more words


28 Oct 14 - Royal Marines 350th Birthday WOD

After yesterday’s RX+ Filthy Fifty, I was always nervous of today’s Royal Marines 350th Birthday WOD. With good reason. This was an epic and typically ‘Royal’. 175 more words

102714 MON

10/27 MON

Week 5, Wave 2

1. Back squat 3 x 3 (target range 85%)

2. Skills: Gymnastics – Volume training. Pulling, Core development, Pressing… 43 more words


Wednesday - 141015

How many 314’ers can you name in this picture? I think I can identify three.

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5 Minute Spealler Warmup
Shuttle Run… 37 more words

Daily WOD

Wednesday 15 October - For time - Run 1.2km, 30x OH Lunge Step 20/15, 30x Plate G2O 20/15, 3x Rope Climb, Run 800m, 20x OH Lunge, 20x Plate G2O, 2x Rope Climb, Run 400m, 10x OH Lunge Step, 10x Plate G2O, 1x Rope Climb

Yes this a big one guys, and yes it has lots of running, but you should come in and do it anyway. There will be plenty of ways to scale this one! See you there!

Results 15 October 2014