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M/V Millennium Uno, a vessel owned by Millennium Shipping of the Floirendos of Davao enjoys a unique distinction — she is the oldest RORO still extant in the Philippines if two old cargo RORO LCT’s (which are technically RORO’s too) are excluded from the count. 483 more words

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It is finally December

I usually get up at 11:45 p.m for my 1 a.m shift. I head straight to the bath as soon as I get my feet on the ground. 372 more words


M/V Odyssey

The MV Odyssey belongs to the PSSS classification “Basic Short-Distance Ferry-RORO” (BSDFR). BSDFR’s are the smallest RORO vessels and they bridge islands well within sight of each other. 622 more words

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Program that prompts a User for all elements of a 3x3 matrix

In C++, write a program that prompts a User for all elements of a 3×3 matrix. Your program should then print the matrix as well as the transpose of the matrix. 12 more words

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2 in 1 Part 2 Heading Home to Negros and Back to Cebu

It’s been quite a long overlay since part 1 but allow me to post part 2. It was a hectic week in the office so this had to wait. 374 more words


Car transport to Jeddah Dammam Riyadh KSA Saudi Arabia

Car transport to Jeddah Dammam Riyadh KSA Saudi Arabia

Car Transport from Dubai to Jeddah Dammam Riyadh KSA KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA

Mode ;- Car Carrier or Recovery (Dedicated mode) 56 more words

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Remembering Masbate City

The port was a marvel to behold. It was a mixture of different lifestyles and of different characters of people. Before bidding goodbye to the often-misunderstood city of Masbate, I had the privilege to look into its humble existence disregarding its image of dirty politics. 1,005 more words