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-:- stupid -:-

it was stupid how we met,
how I said you were dumb
and that your eyes were too dark
I lied.

you tried to flip your hair to mock me, 448 more words

Rorrim Compendium

-:- acoustic blues string -:-

plastic in my pinch

and cords in my caress

I grip a heavy neck,

already strung with wire

with a gentle strike of my palm… 93 more words

Rorrim Compendium

-:- therein he lies, -:- [poem]

in jungles and brush.
he prowls majestically,
need not to feed nor drink;
elusive as any lifetime, hanging
among constellations of breath,
blood, and fear. 202 more words

Rorrim Compendium

-:- sleeping catacombs -:-

my bed is a cool metal coffin

not buried quite six feet down

that is dented by a hurricane unwelcomed and

from my own creation. 132 more words

Rorrim Compendium

-:- rope burns -:-

through my mere human hands,

slipping yard after yard,

and each coiled bump

carves and scalds away my life lines.

my fingerprints, identity, melted

and fused to the hemp… 74 more words

Rorrim Compendium

-:- apple pie -:-

the sweet, golden, caramelized scent
takes in my lower lip, glazed by my slick tongue.

a breath, i savor it.
i pretend my vision slips, hazy. 136 more words

Rorrim Compendium

-:- the last time we were here, -:-

on the dock, we sat—our feet dangling—

the water cold, and my toes, like yours, were wet—

we drifted newspaper boats from ripples we were making— 117 more words

Rorrim Compendium