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A Silent Leader.

I have been studying leadership for three semesters now. Time and time again I face the question of how to define leadership. In a traditional sense, leadership is the ability to lead a group of people in the accomplishment of a common goal. 1,139 more words

Interlude 5: Guest post on the Montgomery Bus Boycott

(My friend—and former boss; he gave me my first job out of college—Randall Williams, wrote this mini-essay to commemorate the end of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 966 more words



Mexico 68 The Black Power Salute


The athletes wore no shoes, black sock, black scarves, black gloves and they raised their clenched fists. Their gesture was seen as the Black power salute, it was an offence to the American public at the time. 189 more words

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TSTMG Unit 2 - The COLOR LINE Homework corrections + Lesson Notes

Session 3 – Revise & We’re AHving a racist moment > be ready for the test on Friday!

Unit 2 – THE COLOR LINE… 1,040 more words

1ères S/ES & Tles STMG

"You Kick Like A Girl!"

“You run like a girl!” “You punch like a girl! ” and so on. These insults that I hear both girls and boys say all the freakin time. 268 more words


Life advice from the Internet

I don’t know about you but I am all about #Daquanfromstaples, you can have #Alexfromtarget.

You should take Daquan’s approach to being at work. You are there to make your customer/guest happy and if that means that you have to walk around like an Ostrich in heat, than so be it! 281 more words