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a save? / pambawi

i just

don’t know

what i fall for

the undulating sleek bodies

in the heavens

the trilling voices

of bossa nova artists

guitar riffs

drum drops… 42 more words

Crazy Horse

today's my birthday, happy birthday to me!

i will always imprison
this day
in my memory cells
the first birthday day
in sixty years
spent composing
combining verse
with fine images
and responding to greetings. 135 more words

Crazy Horse

(in) my life (so far)


my senior year


i’ll be

officially old

on the 8th

even if i really

aged so many

years before

aging through experience

not through years. 535 more words

Crazy Horse

gratitude no. 2

dear friends

thank you all

for the kindness

and touching support

for seeing us through

the remembering

and honoring


she loves you all too.

Crazy Horse

expanding man

This is the night.
Of expanding man.
Not king crimson.
Or deep purple.
Or even simply red.

When you smile.
For our Mamiya.
I know.  13 more words

Crazy Horse

spark plug, now and then

some psychological

tests report i’m

the life of the party

that’s maybe


i’m manic

for i’m inert


i’m down

i’m the life

of the party… 224 more words

Crazy Horse

going on the lam: #200 is for you, rosalie

you held my hand

i held yours

we kissed and embraced tightly

we decided to go on the lam

we had no choice

the brutes will surely… 159 more words

Crazy Horse