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Women in Science- Do We Need to Worry About Gender Bias?

Women have long been battling for their rights – the right to work, the right the vote, the right to equal pay.  But is there still a gender bias in science? 806 more words

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Rosalind Franklin

Another subject I’m not strong on- molecular biology!

Franklin is sort of famous for two things.  One- being one of the first to grasp DNA’s structure and two- being ignored in favor of Watson, Crick, and Wilkins. 164 more words

Badass Women

My favorite Google Doodles (Women)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 6th March 1806-29th June 1861

Rachel Carson 27th May 1907-14th April 1964

Ada Lovelace 10th December 1815-27th November 1852

Rosalind Franklin 25th July 1920 – 16th April 1958… 36 more words


Women in Science - photographic history

Women in Science, complete with names and subject areas. Lets talk about more of us than just Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin.


The Science of Memory.

Despite the title of this piece, this is not going to be a very in depth article detailing how we remember things. Instead this article was sparked by a game of Pointless I was watching earlier today. 671 more words

Women's History

Summertime, and the Readin' is Easy

I have a half-dozen more substantive and/or reflective, work-related blog posts partially written in my drafts box, but it’s summertime and the warm weather, the slower pace, the better parking at work… well it just seems I can’t finish any one of those. 782 more words

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