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Rosalind Franklin – cheated out of her place in history?

This week I’m going back to my science roots, to a woman who died on this day, fifty-six years ago. When I worked at King’s College London, I was based in the Frankin-Wilkins building. 602 more words

WHAT IS: Photo 51

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Double Helix

Photo 51, showing x-ray diffraction pattern of DNA

Photo 51 is the nickname given to an  235 more words

Rosalind Franklin should be remembered as the mother of the DNA discovery

In January 1953, James Watson (father of the DNA discovery) traveled to King’s College carrying a preprint of an incorrect proposal for the DNA structure. Watson went to Rosalind Franklin’s lab with his urgent message that they should collaborate before more eminent scientists like Linus Pauling pieced together the unsolved puzzle. 146 more words

Three incredible women in science who have been uncredited for their work

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

In 1967, while working with radio telescopes, Burnell discovered pulsars while she was a graduate student at Cambridge University in England. The existence of pulsars, which are the remnants of supernovas, was ground breaking. 381 more words


The fascinating world of crystallography

Papercut animated short// With Johanna
Johanna reflects on the structure of a snowflake. She learns of Johannes Kepler’s awareness of its regular symmetry 400 years ago. 70 more words

Some Books for Women's History Month

A few weeks ago, Baila told us about Watson and Crick’s discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. When I posted about that, someone commented on that post, “I think you mean Rosalind Franklin. 138 more words

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