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Before anything else, I think it’s best to start with an update on Zelda.

Zelda returned to the no-kill kitty shelter around Thanksgiving. It was very sad and difficult for Chris and me. 612 more words

Kitty Related

Rosalind in F# - Counting Point Mutations

Counting Point Mutations is next on our list. This problem will explore a function called the Hamming distance which tells you a rough similarity of two input strings, and in the process of implementing it we will learn about another neat utility function built-in to the F# core libraries. 632 more words


Rosalind in F# - Finding a Motif in DNA

Finding a Motif in DNA is our next problem, exploring the definition of substring. This problem is exceedingly straight forward so we’ll just jump right in to it. 273 more words


Rosalind in F# - Translating RNA into Protein

Translating RNA into Protein revolves around us taking a DNA/RNA string and using it to create something new – in this case the protein string that is encoded within. 1,306 more words


Rosalind in F# - Computing GC Content

Computing GC Content introduces us to two new bioinformatics concepts: the FASTA format and GC content. In this post, we’ll look at both and why they’re important, we’ll learn about another way for us to organize our data in F#, and we’ll learn about F#’s ability to play nice with the rest of the .NET world. 1,482 more words


Day 3 – Voluntary Luggage Disposal and Explorizing! (Part I)

Quick note: The way these posts work is I have wrote most of the post the day it happened or soon after. I am late at posting the posts but imagine they were on the correct day. 720 more words


Into the unknown - research begins

When I began my research for ‘The Noble Fool’, I chose As You Like It because it was one of my favourite plays. It’s a play I have been in twice and seen on stage five times (three of which were at the Royal Shakespeare Company).  232 more words