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"Oh, Rosalind! Rosalind! [I]t's a poor substitute at best."

Dear Miss Matters, 

It’s been four months since my boyfriend of a year gave me a sorry excuse for not being interested in the work required of a healthy, mature relationship. 762 more words


Day 340: pink elephants

Nahum 3, Mark 4, Psalm 126 OR 2 Maccabees 5

Three times the narrator whips up the tension of the anticipated destruction of the Jews: three times the elephants are made drunk; three times the king is so drunk he barely knows what is happening – he is “seeing pink elephants” himself! 262 more words


Call me a Shakespeare nerd...


This summer I went on an amazing holiday to Canada with my family. To Toronto, to be precise! During a walk through the metropolis that is downtown Toronto, a billboard caught my eye- it was a poster for ‘Shakespeare in the Park’. 502 more words

Day 314: exceptionalism

Amos 2, Matthew 10, Psalm 108 OR 1 Maccabees 7-8

Amos’ litany of the nations culminates (via Judah) with Israel, God’s own covenanted people. Because of their idolatry, their selfishness, their unrighteousness, God will not overlook their sins any more than those of their neighbours. 57 more words


Day 313: let slip the elephants of war

Amos 1, Matthew 9, Psalm 108 OR 1 Maccabees 5-6

I remember as a child learning of Alexander’s groundbreaking (no pun intended) use of elephants as he brought them through the mountain passes for the first time from east to west and established his Greek empire with shock and awe. 86 more words


Day 311: Maccabees

Joel 1-2, Matthew 7, Psalm 105 OR 1 Maccabees 1-2

Yesterday, as Hosea finished with an oracle of hope, and the legends of Daniel received their final addition in the form of an idol named Bel and an unnamed serpent, snake or dragon, I was at a clergy conference, and unable to connect to a network to blog. 243 more words


Lancelyn Green
You find yourself in the charming hamlet called Lancelyn Green. It’s a busy
town, evidenced by the worn ruts in the road and the villagers who bustle… 2,522 more words