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Day 234: without fault

Isaiah 49-52, Titus 1, Psalm 41 OR Wisdom 12

“Let elders be without fault.” I don’t know where Paul found these perfect people – presumably not among the Cretans, who are “always liars, wild animals, and greedy gluttons.” 72 more words


Day 233: poetic justice

Isaiah 46-48, II Timothy 4, Psalm 40 OR Wisdom 11

“They learned that people are punished by the very same thing by which they sin,” says Wisdom (in the CEB translation). 41 more words


Day 232: inspired

Isaiah 43-45, I Timothy 3, Psalm 39 OR Wisdom 9

“All scriptures are inspired and useful,” says the author of the letter. Of course, he is referring to the shared testament, those scriptures with which he grew up, studied and heard read in the synagogue. 182 more words


Day 230: heretics and humility

Isaiah 40-42, II Timothy 2, Psalm 38 OR Wisdom 8-9

Hymenaeus resurfaces in this second letter to Timothy. We first heard of him in I Timothy 1, when he was shipwrecking the faith along with someone named Alexander. 139 more words


Day 229: Wisdom

Isaiah 37-39, II Timothy 1, Psalm 37:19-42 OR Wisdom 7

The author of the Wisdom of Solomon – usually thought to be not Solomon himself but a much later writer who appreciated that king’s love of wisdom – here writes a glorious hymn to Wisdom personified, Sophia in the Greek. 111 more words


Day 228: money

Isaiah 34-36, I Timothy 6, Psalm 37:1-18 OR Wisdom 6

We know that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil; we grew up hearing it as a commonplace. 131 more words


Day 227: widows

Isaiah 31-33, I Timothy 5, Psalm 36 OR Wisdom 4-5

The advice given about widows in this epistle is odd, if not downright offensive to our ears; it is clearly designed at least in part to make sure that those families who are able take care of their own widows, rather than leaving them to the church to support; but it also spiritualizes the state of widowhood into one of perpetual prayer and devotion. 434 more words