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Day 275: who's who?

Ezekiel 13-14, II John, Psalm 76 OR Sirach 29

John’s letter is addressed to the “elect lady,” which commentators believe signifies the local church, her children being its members. 18 more words


Day 274: news cycle

Ezekiel11-12, I John 5, Psalm 75 OR Sirach 28

Back in the olden days, before 24-hour news channels, social media, or even multiple-tv households, my friend Jehan complained that she and her brother never got to watch television. 177 more words


Day 272: are our hands clean?

Ezekiel 9-10, I John 4, Psalm 74 OR Sirach 27

“He said in my hearing, ‘Pass through the city after him, and kill; your eye shall not spare, and you shall show no pity. 259 more words


Day 271: speechless

Ezekiel 7-8, I John 3, Psalm 73 OR Sirach 26

I’m finding that the jaw-dropping imagery of Ezekiel is leaving me kind of speechless, which is interfering somewhat with blogging; I am somewhat comforted in the anti-perfectionist assurances of John: 18 more words


Day 269: illustrated prayer

Ezekiel 3-4, I John 1, Psalm 71 OR Sirach 24

Ezekiel becomes the bodily illustrator of the troubles befalling Jerusalem. Just as his actions are symbolic, his descriptions of them should not be over-literalized. 43 more words


Day 268: encouragement

Ezekiel 1-2, II Peter 3, Psalm 70 OR Sirach 23

With the advent of Ezekiel, we are in for a wild ride. Writing during the exile in Babylon, witness from afar to the destruction of the Temple, Ezekiel was forced to rethink some of the conventional wisdom around election, the Promised Land, and the chosen people of the covenant. 239 more words


Day 267: siege

Lamentations 5, II Peter 2,  Psalm 69 OR Sirach 22

I know that skipping Saturday’s blog is becoming a little too regular; this week I had an excuse as I was moving my son into college. 219 more words