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Valentina E. Prize For Enchanted!

Enchanted opens August, first, an amazing event inspired by a different fairy tale each round. This season’s theme is Bluebeard and our exclusive Rosalind Dress will be available at our main location (see previous post). 78 more words

New Releases

Day 240: mother

Isaiah 64-66, Hebrews 2, Psalm 46 OR Wisdom 18

On the anniversary of the ordination of the first eleven women priests in the episcopal church, one of whom I am so grateful to have known as a mentor and kept as a friend, who shared stories of motherhood in the midst of ministry, it is worth noting God’s own word through the prophet: 21 more words


Day 239: Hebrews

Isaiah 61-63, Hebrews 1, Psalm 45 OR Wisdom 17

In the instructions of the Book of Common Prayer for making Eucharist – the Holy Communion – there is an outline for the prayer of the Great Thanksgiving, laying out the essential elements. 243 more words


Day 237: Philemon, Onesimus and Paul

Isaiah 58-60, Philemon, Psalm 44 OR Wisdom 15-16

(A side note – I cannot read that opening verse of Isaiah’s hymn without hearing my mother’s morning voice: Rise and shine!) 75 more words


Day 236: idolatry and other stories

Isaiah 55-57, Titus 3, Psalm 43 OR Wisdom 14

Both the prophet and the collector of wisdom identify idolatry as the root of all kinds of evil. 204 more words


Day 235: of prophets and prophecy

Isaiah 52-54, Titus 2, Psalm 42 OR Wisdom 13

Backing up a bit, did anyone wonder how it was that Isaiah switched in chapter 40 from speaking to his own situation, in the time of King Hezekiah, to speaking of the Babylonian exile, and even its resolution and the return of the remnant, which was still far into the future? 298 more words


Day 234: without fault

Isaiah 49-52, Titus 1, Psalm 41 OR Wisdom 12

“Let elders be without fault.” I don’t know where Paul found these perfect people – presumably not among the Cretans, who are “always liars, wild animals, and greedy gluttons.” 72 more words