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Day 314: exceptionalism

Amos 2, Matthew 10, Psalm 108 OR 1 Maccabees 7-8

Amos’ litany of the nations culminates (via Judah) with Israel, God’s own covenanted people. Because of their idolatry, their selfishness, their unrighteousness, God will not overlook their sins any more than those of their neighbours. 57 more words


Day 313: let slip the elephants of war

Amos 1, Matthew 9, Psalm 108 OR 1 Maccabees 5-6

I remember as a child learning of Alexander’s groundbreaking (no pun intended) use of elephants as he brought them through the mountain passes for the first time from east to west and established his Greek empire with shock and awe. 86 more words


Day 311: Maccabees

Joel 1-2, Matthew 7, Psalm 105 OR 1 Maccabees 1-2

Yesterday, as Hosea finished with an oracle of hope, and the legends of Daniel received their final addition in the form of an idol named Bel and an unnamed serpent, snake or dragon, I was at a clergy conference, and unable to connect to a network to blog. 243 more words


Day 307: praise

Hosea 9-10, Matthew 4, Psalm 102 OR Prayer of Azariah

The so-called Prayer of Azariah is one of three additions to the story of Daniel that we read last week. 155 more words


Day 306: on marriage

Hosea 7-8, Matthew 3, Psalm 101 OR Letter of Jeremiah

The Bible is not wholly positive about marriage. Although we Christians point to Jesus’ endorsement of the wedding at Cana through his vintner’s miracle, he… 132 more words


Day 305: boundaries

Hosea 5-6, Matthew 2*, Psalm 100 OR Baruch 4-5

“The princes of Judah have become like those who remove the landmark;” (Hosea 5:10) that is, the boundary marker, the surveyor’s code that marks out the limits of a property line. 168 more words


Day 303: endings and beginnings

Hosea 1-2, Revelation 22, Psalm 98 OR Baruch 2

The Revelation ends with a stern warning to take the words of prophecy seriously. Hosea opens with a striking parable: Hosea’s own life story (if it is indeed a true story) has become a parable for the relationship of God and Israel; faithlessness, rebuke, return and forgiveness. 23 more words