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Day 290: numbers

Ezekiel 39-40, Revelation 11, Psalm 88 OR Sirach 42

Three and a half years; three and a half days. In biblical literature, seven is a perfect number; the number of the days of creation, of the cycle of history, God’s time. 96 more words


Day 289: the 111th commandment

Ezekiel 37-38, Revelation 10, Psalm 87 OR Sirach 41

Who knew that our mothers were quoting scripture when they taught us our table manners?

Sirach 41:19 Be ashamed: before the Lord’s truth and covenant, of… 24 more words


Day 288: history, repeat

Ezekiel 35-36, Revelation 9, Psalm 86 OR Sirach 40

This morning I have been playing catch-up on last week’s readings. Reading swathes of Ezekiel side by side with Revelation is enlightening. 300 more words


Thoughts on the Bard Abroad

‘A traveller! By my faith, you have great reason to be sad. I fear you have sold your own lands to see other men’s; then to have seen much, and to have nothing, is to have rich eyes and poor hands.’ So speaks Rosalind to the melancholy fool, Jacques, in Shakespeare’s… 1,049 more words

Day 278/9: revelation then and now

The opening chapters of revelation locate the letter in time and space: it is written to exhort and to encourage patience and perseverance in (at least) seven churches undergoing significant persecution by the roman authorities. 96 more words



Dress berbahan jersey import tanpa lengan, resleting depan jadi sangat friendly untuk BUSUI, 
juga terdapat karet pinggang, bagian bawah dress dikombinasi dengan paduan manis dari tile dan satin velvet yg sedang tren saat ini. 38 more words


Day 277: hey Jude

Ezekiel 17-18, Jude, Psalm 78 OR Sirach 31

Go on. You were thinking it, too ;-)