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Film Review: 'Gone Girl'

First thing is first, it is very hard to review this film. The main reason being there are so many twists and turns that anything I say may or will spoil it for you. 307 more words

Gone Girl (2014) - reviewed by George

This movie exists on a spine of twists and surprises that will keep people recalling it for years. Gillian Flynn did an excellent job of honing her novel to a screenplay, pretty much by tossing out everything BUT the “Spine of Surprises”. 304 more words


Gone Girl

Sekitar satu tahun yang lalu, aku membeli sebuah buku thriller karangan Gillian Flynn berjudul Gone Girl. Buku ini bercerita mengenai kehidupan pernikahan Nick Dunne dan Amy Dunne yang pada kenyataanya tidak seindah cerita dongeng. 521 more words


Gone Girl Review

I give this movie a rating of 8/10 stars.  See why I gave it this rating. 65 more words

Gone Girl


With Hollywood eagerly grabbing at the next bestseller to attract readers from across the gender divide, a remarkably quick turnaround brings the relentless momentum of Gillian Flynn’s huge bestseller Gone Girl onto the big screen. 518 more words


Movie review: "Gone Girl" (2014)

“I will practice believing that my husband loves me…but I could be wrong.”

Seen at a macro level, his suburban setting for a fleeting early moment obscured by suspiciously placed, some might even say staged, clouds, David Fincher’s… 1,787 more words


Gone Girl: Review

Okay so I went into this film with no real knowledge of the plot other than what I had seen from a few trailers. I was told the less you know about this film the better and that’s spot on… so I wont give too much away. 670 more words