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I decided to share one more bird shot which I found rather cute.

A very tiny juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak. The branch he is on is not much larger than my forearm. 6 more words


The new birds

New bird at the feeder!

This finch-beaked fellow hanging out with the Downy Woodpecker appears to be an immature Northern Cardinal. Weirdly ratty tail feathers, but cardinal shaped otherwise. 233 more words

Cooling off

Birds: Okay, here is the last of the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. These birds where enjoying my platform feeder, back in the day when I was in a stick and brick. 66 more words



Birds: A couple more Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks.

No Exercise: I will take the day off and let the knees rest for a bit.

Weather: We are into the hottest part of the month it seems and I am feeling it. 25 more words




Exercise: I took a late ride this morning on the bike and the wind was already up a little, so I just did 8 miles in the park. 15 more words