Tattoos VII &VIII

My love and obsession for tattoos continue. A couple of days ago I went to a tattoo party at my aunt’s house (because pretty much my whole family is obsessed with tattoos) and I got two addition flowers to the one I already had. 213 more words

My Advice

14th -19th november

our Angie got her chest piece finished, we’d done the birds and the rose last time, today we added the black ink splashes and sketchy lines, plus the names. 409 more words


Worked on this coverup some more:

Started a big ol’ Oni rib/ front piece:

Small coverup on my buddy John:

Also, a fun folky set of birds on Sherry:

Quote Of The Day

“Body art isn’t a contest. the only person that has to like it is the person stuck with it for the rest of their life. As long as you love it when you see it, that’s all that matters.” – Nash



a couple sleeves from a few weeks back

Chip Douglas Tattooing


I did this piece on a lovely customer a couple of months ago. We completed it in two separate sittings. So in this photo only the large rose is fresh and the rest is completely healed. 37 more words