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Life after Somerset Arts Weeks

How exhausting is it to take down an exhibition, pack everything away, sort out the finances to check it was worth doing and finally get yourself back to normal?   380 more words


A Rose by Any Other Name

I’ve been playing with a program on the computer, GIMP 2.8 Image Editor. I’m trying to get into amateur photography and I love it.

This picture is of a rose in my in-laws front yard. 39 more words

Amateur Photography

Tug of War

And here we are again.
Like a never-ending game of tug-of-war,
There is no winner.

You would not exist if it were not for a shallow sense… 39 more words


The Musician

A bewildering silence,
With the exception of the never-ending murmurs…
The voices which stir three minutes before four,
But not a second either side of this countdown. 203 more words


The Art of Breathing

To think one mouthful of air defines the next and
The sequence of events that ensue,
It’s velcro.
A super glue grip and
A shadowing stain, when that breath is finally exhaled. 23 more words


Stained Glass

I would love for you to see my truest colours.
To understand the meaning in every pigment of my code.
But I can only show you… 279 more words



I should have known the organ could not last.
I never was a runner.

Whether you aimed to or not, you
Caused the resonance of the implosion by… 118 more words