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Perdón, estoy aprendiendo español! (Pardon me, I am learning Spanish!)

I’ve always loved learning. On my second day of school, little 5 year old me came home to my mother in tears. Concerned, she probed to find out what was bothering me so much. 396 more words


Teaching a Tourist

Just like someone taught me.

In the last full weekend here in London, my flatmates, Diana, Megan, and I decided we would do a few of the things we had not yet done while being here, 173 more words

Rosetta Contact 12/17

Happy Winter Break! In your new language, name something you plan to do over your vacation.

Rosetta Stone

Guten Tag!

Last week, I bought a three year subscription to Rosetta Stone. I’m going to learn German and French. As a want-to-be lady directly from the pages of Jane Austen, it’s always interested me to learn other languages; I took three years Spanish in high school and four levels of French in college. 140 more words


Culture Vulture

There has to be a bit of culture mixed in with all this fun!  The whole aim is to get me doing things I have never done before or visit places I have never been too.  486 more words


Rosetta Stone

I purchased Rosetta Stone Dutch a couple of years ago.  At the time I was motivated to learn Dutch because of future prospects of living in the Netherlands and I wanted to be ready!   95 more words

Learning Dutch

Language Learning for a Small World and a Big Introduction

Most commercials make me hit the mute button or click “Skip this Ad.” But some I like so much that I search them out on Youtube for a second, third, and fourth look. 91 more words

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