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My Thoughts on London

London, England and Southampton, England


Today is the day that I board ship! I’m excited! It took me awhile to get excited, but now I am. 831 more words


Objective 5: Moving apartments takes a lot longer that you think....

I have officially moved out of my apartment in Central London to a smaller, more comfortable, (significantly cheaper) one in South London. My commute into work has increased to 1 hour door to door. 506 more words


Our French Classroom

What are you passionate about? That seems to be a popular question these days. Well, if I had to answer that, I would have to say that I have been passionate about language learning all my life… starting with English. 547 more words

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software and Online Computer Instruction

Walter Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal has stated: “Rosetta Stone may be the next best thing to living in a country.” You’ll find other praise for the product used heavily in their marketing materials. 444 more words



Maybe you have heard about the ROSETTA SPACE PROBE in the news recently? About the spacecraft that was launched in 2004 by the European Space Agency and which reached the comet near the sun just last month.Or maybe you have seen the advertisement for the Rosetta Language School, helping you to learn any language. 322 more words


We Are Still In London

Yesterday we spent all day at the venerable British Museum. One of the many warehouses where Briton keeps the stuff it found while poking about the globe. 414 more words

Phil's Blog

Snapshots: The Rosetta Stone & the British Museum

The most relaxing afternoon of my last trip to London was spent at the British Museum. After navigating pass the famed Rosetta Stone, the crowds thin and the building seems peaceful and quiet. 111 more words