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there are space aliens in your head

there are space aliens in your head
cheeky monkeys under your bed
once you wanted to be a nun
set your phaser dial to stun… 68 more words


Dear Tabitha

Dear Tabitha,

I could not believe what I read, but there it was in black and white, right in front of me. I had to write you immediately, because like me, you share an undying curiosity in the world around you. 423 more words


The Compendium of All Things

“He constructed a microcosm corresponding in all motions to the macrocosm and drew up a compendium of all things past, present, and future. From this account we also learn that C. 71 more words


The Rosicrucian Liber M

“He finally settled down in the German-speaking world where he founded a brotherhood called the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross, centered around a building called Sancti Spiritus. 91 more words

Western Esotericism And Rituals Of Initiation

Magical Language and a Book of Books

“…The ones who merely seek fortune or personal gain will not be able to get in contact with the fraternity. It also hints at the great secrets that they possess, chiefly a certain magical language, and a book that contains all the books in the world, but also a promise of a means by which one is able to know all that is possible to know. 20 more words

Henrik Bogdan

My First AudioBook

Now you can listen to The Star Family.

A secret spiritual group
A recurring dream
A 400-year-old ritual that must be
completed before it is too late… 20 more words

Star Family