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Conversations with my Cleaning Lady - Episode 2

Rosie’s cleaning business expands and she hires younger girls to clean on her behalf. William finds a hair extension in the couch and decides to approach Rosie on the issue.

More relaxing days ...

So why am I not relaxed?

I might have had too much caffeine this afternoon. After three out of five errands this afternoon, I stopped at Morels to check for a Facebook Message on my iPad, using their WiFi. 1,019 more words

Life And Pets

Just saying.

Every week when I pick up my English Woman’s Weekly I look forward to reading the often humorous, refreshingly normal column by Rosemary which is found inside the back page. 247 more words

#Rosie, My New #Friend

#Rosie, is my new #Friend. She comes to see me everyday lately.  She usually grazes in the yard.  The last few days she has gotten closer and closer to the house.  229 more words

Conversations with my Cleaning Lady - Episode 1

William communicates with his cleaning lady, Rosie, on a regular basis via voicemail. William lets Rosie know about the green onion mess and asks where the best taco truck is.

Sh!t Shoveling

It’s four days before the plea deal for the Goo-Boo-Chay fambly of wayward felons.  Tre is cooking in the kitchen with her girls, Audriana is chopping onions and Milania decides to eat some raw onions and act like a damn fool, and G to the ia rolls her eyes in disgust at all three of them.  1,248 more words

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