A Dance With The White Lady

Elegant, sexy and bold.

It’s hard to fault if you’re thinking it’s the description of a lady. To be more specific, the description of a Gretsch White Falcon guitar. 156 more words

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Running With "The Beast"


The Beast.

There’s no other apt name for this Collector’s Choice #8 1959 Les Paul that came to life, thanks to a collaboration between Gibson and British guitarist Bernie Marsden. 134 more words

Rosli Mansor

Rosli Mansor Performs At The Fender Custom Shop Roadshow

June 24 was such an exciting day!

Not only did Rosli find himself in the presence of several wonderful Fender custom-made guitars, he also had the opportunity to meet the Fender guys who came all the way from USA for the roadshow. 208 more words

Rosli Mansor

Rosli Mansor Pairs Up With Fender Custom Shop's Mike Landau 1963 Relic Strat

Oh that sweet tone from a very delightful guitar under the most deft of hands!

Under Rosli’s gentle coaxing and nimble handling, the Fender Custom Shop Michael Landau 1963 Relic Stratocaster sings out its soulful tone in this video presented by Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only (B.A.O.) 112 more words

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RM Is Now A Swee Lee Artiste

This is such an exciting news that’s way to0 rad not to be shared!

Rosli Mansor is now a Swee Lee Artiste!

Swee Lee… 180 more words

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