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The Big Move

More pictures later…forgive my loud cow calling and the shortness of the video.  I had to turn around and run in order to beat them to the gate of their new paddock.

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State of the Pasture Mid-July


I’m still working on finishing this field, when the cows get to the end of the pink I’ll be done here and moving the cows to a different field. 86 more words

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Early July Grazing

Now that the beef is harvested, it’s time to relax a little and get the cows back into following the rotation.  I had to leave this field to rotate the herd near the corral for loading ease earlier in late June, and the first part of July, now it’s time to finish this field up.  447 more words

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Stick a Fork in Me

Us poor old Oregonians wilt a bit when the temperatures reach the 90′s.

Extra water today and a little shade for the cows.

Not much short grass to be found around here this time of year. 66 more words

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Stymied. Serendipity. Solution.

“What can’t be cured, must be endured.”  Laura Ingalls Wilder

Or the story of the perplexing paddock.  What, only one you ask?  Well, okay, the… 1,187 more words

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i heart cows

Since I don’t have an iphone I can’t update you on the minute to minute happenings of a farm.  It seems if I don’t take my camera for whatever reason, usually rain, I miss a priceless shot or two, like yesterday when a new calf was born.  658 more words

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Beating the Rain

Big Sigh.  Rain.  That means all the seeds planted in the last week will take a chance and germinate.

This morning I got all the remaining transplants out of the greenhouse and into the garden and finally got some hog mowing done behind Jane.  61 more words

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