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Work in Progress

Not a lot new around here.  Just the usual whirlwind of summer.  I trapped fenced in the elusive Guernsey last night.  She’s taken a liking to heading off to the tall and uncut to chill out and wait out the last days of her pregnancy.  187 more words

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Taking pictures of Forrest

I got some pictures taken of Forrest today.  He’s such a beautiful good-natured guy!  Hard to believe we raised this 1700 pound bull on a bottle!


Round Two

A cyber “friend” told me yesterday I needed to let everyone know that I was dreading Jane freshening.  So here it is.  I’m scared shitless.  That cat’s out of the box.   413 more words

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It's All Movement and a Function of Time

The single hardest concept about Management-intensive Grazing (MiG) to understand is how to use time in relationship to your land.  It’s not just about building fence and putting the stock out there to pick around.  657 more words

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The Big Move

More pictures later…forgive my loud cow calling and the shortness of the video.  I had to turn around and run in order to beat them to the gate of their new paddock.

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State of the Pasture Mid-July


I’m still working on finishing this field, when the cows get to the end of the pink I’ll be done here and moving the cows to a different field. 86 more words

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Early July Grazing

Now that the beef is harvested, it’s time to relax a little and get the cows back into following the rotation.  I had to leave this field to rotate the herd near the corral for loading ease earlier in late June, and the first part of July, now it’s time to finish this field up.  447 more words

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