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Rotational Grazing vs. Continuous Grazing

We rotate our cows around the pasture here at Ramsay Hill.  This is the most economic and healthy way to raise animals.

So what do I mean by rotate?  1,084 more words


Daddy's Here

The bull arrived last week without much fanfare.  After last year’s two-bull breeding season, we are meeting in the middle on the calendar between the two sets of calves, in an effort to get back to the correct calving time for us. 157 more words

Farm Life

Labor Day on the Farm

Labor Day is a great day. It’s a day that you get to take off work, spend with your family, and end the summer on a high note. 582 more words

Grazing Livestock: The New and the Old

We’ve been sick of seeing our poor little pigs penned up lately, so we’re trying to give them a little more space. (Just kidding, they are completely spoiled, but Lucy here likes to pretend that she’s deprived.) 457 more words

August is Reckoning Month

“Most ranchers love their cattle, and hate their grass – it should be the opposite.”  Bud Williams

No truer words were ever spoken.  Been there, done that.  610 more words

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