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Was new maths really such a disaster?

On holiday now, so I fill my time – as you do – by reading books on maths.

One of these is Julian Havil’s Gamma: Exploring Euler’s Constant… 293 more words

What drill and rote learning have to do with confidence

The British Chancellor George Osborne recently refused to answer a simple times table question posed to him by seven-year-old school boy Samuel Reddings. Osborne was asked the question 7×8, but declined, stating that he had “made it a rule in life not to answer.” As Osborne studied mathematics up to A-level, it seems his reluctance was more about confidence than competence. 694 more words


Two one’s two, two two’s four, two three’s six….

Do you recall saying (or should I say singing/chanting) this after lunch while you were in primary school? 445 more words

Robots v.s. Cyborgs

Throughout the crests and troughs of my not-so-long life, I have come across many machines of diverse kinds and stupefying variations. In this so-called cyberpunk era, where it is quite hard to differentiate between fact and fiction, the machine considered to be the most revolutionary is probably the computer. 460 more words