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Indian Education System. What needs to change ?

The Indian Education System has misinterpreted the meaning of “Education” with “Testing memory power”. Lets first become aware of the meaning of “Education”. According concise Oxford Dictionary Education is the process of receiving and giving systematic instruction  especially at a school or university , which is key to acquire knowledge on a particular subject or skill. 354 more words

Fun And Learning

Teaching Arabic Differently

According to the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science
the Arabic language is “in dire need of support and revival through fundamental shifts in the way it is taught,” … 245 more words


A case for rote memory

One thing that most educators agree on is that rote memory is bad. One often sees phrases like “unthinking memorization” and ” rote learning without understanding.”  But research continues to show that rote memory is an essential component of learning. 142 more words


A readymade toolkit for institutionalised oppression

This is a guest post by Talen Lee, a former ACE student from Australia. This is his survivor story. Be warned, it contains unpleasant descriptions of corporal punishment. 3,308 more words


Was new maths really such a disaster?

On holiday now, so I fill my time – as you do – by reading books on maths.

One of these is Julian Havil’s Gamma: Exploring Euler’s Constant… 293 more words