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War Creates Massive Debt and Makes the Banks Rich

By Washington’s Blog

Bankers are often the driving force behind war.

After all, the banking system is founded upon the counter-intuitive but indisputable fact that… 537 more words


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Gennadius Library Honors Rothschild and Opens New Exhibition

Yiannis Adamakis’ work, “Johannes Gennadius, a journey, 2010”

Gennadius Library Honors Rothschild and Opens New Exhibition

Lord Rothschild Honored

Each year the Library seeks to honor individuals who have contributed to the world’s understanding of Hellenism in its many manifestations. 496 more words


Global Warming and the 'New World Order'


Jesus-look-alike David de Rothschild, author of the ludicrously entitled ‘Global Warming Survival Handbook’, is the very personification (or should that be Incarnation?) of the symbiotic link between the Global Warming Scare and the Financial Hegemony/New World Order agenda pursued by his (His?) Dynasty and its accomplices.Beware the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’, especially when used in connection with the West’s former colonies in South America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere. 110 more words


1, 2, 3, . . . 100 - Coming, ready or NOT!

I am reminded of the above childhood refrain from days spent playing “Hide and Seek”, with regard to the economic malaise that I and many others foresee coming to a country near you in the not too distant future – whether YOU are ready or not. 1,981 more words

Some people think they own the world

Because the government has to pay back the bank that printed the money for it in the first place. 
So that.. they can afford to keep printing money? 272 more words