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Hacerse rico en tiempos de guerra

La entrada de esta semana va dedicada a un tema muy curioso con fuertes implicaciones éticas (o de la no ética de sus protagonistas). La guerra, por mucho que se denoste ha sido tristemente la manera en la que nosotros los seres humanos hemos dirimido demasiadas cuestiones a lo largo de milenios. 1,844 more words

Who is in control of what? (repost)

To begin.  The internet journey amidst life findings can be quite fascinating.  Through all my years online, I have often ended up on sites that I particularly wasn’t even searching for.  3,009 more words


President Putin: Coup d’état In Ukraine Example Of Growing Neo-Nazi Tendencies In Eastern Europe

The coup d’état in Ukraine is a worrying example of growing neo-Nazi tendencies in Eastern Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a Serbian newspaper. He stressed that “open manifestations” of neo-Nazism are also commonplace in Baltic states. 2,693 more words


Obama's Enduring Felonies: Arming Illegal Immigrants Under Title 18 USC 922 (d)(5a).

Judge Jeanine Pirro remarked that the Obama Administration is violating federal law by reducing the military by 90,000 while simultaneously recruiting illegal immigrants into the armed services and arming them through unilateral executive order. 346 more words


Transparency International Says More Needs To Be Done To Stop NWO's Illicit Financial Flows!

Transparency International today called on the United Nations and its member states to do more to ensure development funds reach the people they are meant to help by establishing global mechanisms to stop illicit financial flows. 235 more words


If You Want To Understand What's Going On In Russia ~ Video: Obama's Looting Of Ukraine

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The host, Vladimir Soloviev ~ VS in the subtitles.

Vladimir Solovyov, a popular Russian TV and radio journalist…

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The Ephrussis: Dog Weddings, Duels, and Stalin?

The elegant pink villa on the promontory of St. Jean Cap Ferrat was built for Charlotte Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. She was born into the European banking family of the Rothchilds and married Maurice Ephrussi, a friend of her parents, who belonged to a Russian banking family. 1,085 more words