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Rotoscope is a method to bring an moving object from its original video so the object can be placed into other background.


On the right hand side one is created during the class, on the other hand is the one I have achieved afterwards.

Learning Lesson

What is the Best Adaptation of Lord of the Rings?

What is the best adaptation of the Tolkien classic: Lord of the Rings? Well, I’m here to give my odd opinion because I’ve been feeling the need to discuss Ralph Bakshi’s animated feature of the… 1,048 more words



During this tutorial, we learnt about rotoscoping. With the help of keyframes and other toggles we created these two videos from some footage we recorded ourselves.


Waltz with Bashir (2008)

Why watch it?

Beautiful animation combined with a poignant plot, creates a dream-like atmosphere in telling the horrors of a moment in 1982 war in Lebanon in this Israeli film. 239 more words


Practice Assignment #2

A short 10 second animation of a polar bear walking on ice using a rotoscoping technique through Abobe After Effects and Illustrator.


My First Animation

Aww… kitty! :)

I know a little about animation techniques (emphasis on “a little”), but I’ve never actually given it a go… until now. And it was surprisingly a lot of fun! 124 more words

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Rotoscope Animations (2013)

Night Dreamer (2103) Approximately 165 drawings ///

Experimental Rotoscope (2013) Approximately 320 drawings ///  

Make-up (2013) Approximately 160 drawings ///