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Practice Assignment #2

A short 10 second animation of a polar bear walking on ice using a rotoscoping technique through Abobe After Effects and Illustrator.


My First Animation

Aww… kitty! :)

I know a little about animation techniques (emphasis on “a little”), but I’ve never actually given it a go… until now. And it was surprisingly a lot of fun! 124 more words

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Rotoscope Animations (2013)

Night Dreamer (2103) Approximately 165 drawings ///

Experimental Rotoscope (2013) Approximately 320 drawings ///  

Make-up (2013) Approximately 160 drawings ///


The Lord of the Rings

Director: Ralph Bakshi
Release Date: November 15, 1978
Rating: ★

I’m going to spend only a few words on this film: it is not… 164 more words

Independent Film Makers

Life's Impetus Devblog #9 - Achieving Animation

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but I’ve never really got into the details of the process behind animation in Life’s Impetus. It’s what I’ve been working on for this past week, so now’s a good time to talk about! 809 more words


Tom Waits' groundbreaking rotoscope film, Tom Waits For No One, to be restored for its 35th anniversary

Tom Waits For No One, the 1979 John Lamb-directed short film starring Tom Waits performing “The One That Got Away”, has long been lauded by critics and fans alike for its groundbreaking use of rotoscope technology. 229 more words


The man on the mean streets revisited

I’ve produced another version of the YouTube movie for The man on the mean streets. This one is Rotoscoped and is much more as I originally intended.