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Rotoscoping, Paint, and extreme highlights - All in one shot!

Apologies for not updating the blog in a long time, I’ve been sorting out the FYP trailer submission and getting ready for the full film……. I also bought Titanfall. 336 more words

Rotoscoping Animation Test

Animation test of Nelson’s Column appearing in a cloud from a postcard landing on London. This was rotoscoped from CG footage from Maya with added human touches such as wonky broken up lines. 33 more words


Figure Drawing Flip Book Project

This project required us to create a flip book animation using our character with the theme “Hit the Ground Running”. It had to be between 45 to 60 frames long (5 seconds long maximum) and must have shown fast and slow frames of animation. 477 more words

Best Work

VFX Waterfall Compositing

My Waterfall VFX scene is finished check it out here

Softward used: Nuke, Photoshop and Maya.
Skills Used: Matte Painting, Compositing, Projection Mapping, Particles Creation, 3d modeling, rotoscoping, video stablising, 3d camera tracking, lighting, grading,


D&AD- Rotoscoping

For my rotoscoping I want to rotoscope in Photoshop as this is easier for me to rotoscope on instead of Flash, I have done this before in my first year but since we had everything set up for us at the time I had to find out myself what I needed to do to set it up. 150 more words

Studio Practice