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AfterEffects: Roto-Scoping

Sara’s second tutorial focused on rotoscoping. This is a method of cutting out foreground material from video. We were asked to bring a ten second clip of someone walking/running etc which we could use for this task. 1,379 more words

2nd Year Design Practice In Context 2

Stereo Roto. Project "Stalingrad".

Check out braindraintrain’s stereo roto clips from our recent collaboration with Main Road|Post on STALINGRAD. You can see even more VFX from this epic war drama here


Selected projects with our typical works, ranging from TV to IMAX 3D. This is just a fraction of all the work we’ve done lately. Almost every film or TV series needs something to be fixed, painted out, replaced, composited. 36 more words

Rotoshop experimenting: Step 3

STEP 3: Designing. Over the past week I had been designing the background and considering colour schemes. Originally, the shower area and figure would be white. 185 more words


Rotoshop experimenting begins (Steps 1 and 2)

STEP 1: After finally deciding that I would choose the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho (1960), I scanned various sites to find a HD version of the footage. 481 more words



During this tutorial, we learnt about rotoscoping. With the help of keyframes and other toggles we created these two videos from some footage we recorded ourselves.


Rotoscoping In After Effects (22/10/14)

Steffan K: 30 motion tests in 30 seconds
Drew Tyndall: Loop 3 Yeah

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We were doing Rotoscoping: it is easier to cut out material when less is happening… 33 more words