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in my opinion

the pure angel white inflorescence,
they robe the trees and breeze and streets
for the warm weather.

in my opinion,
the blossoms smell like death already came and went, 72 more words


Rotten Apples Don't Go Back

He’s glaring at me

I can see the shift in him

Charm rusted

“Don’t play adult games when you act like a child”

He says this with a new sullen tone… 157 more words


The Child is Born

This was the last time, I’ll help you no more

Your brain is disordered, Your mind is a whore

Selling ideas, I don’t want to know… 85 more words


The Bad Tomato

If you put a rotten tomato in a pile of good tomatoes, every good tomatoes will eventually turn into bad tomatoes. Same goes in real life; not all friends are good friends, some will influence you to become rotten and some will drag you under pessimism. 22 more words

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels [Blu-ray]

Legendary funnyman Steve Martin and two-time Academy Awardr Winner Michael Caine* steal the show as competing con artists who cross paths in the south of France and soon realize the Riviera isn’t big enough for the both of them. 35 more words

How to Store Seeds

Hi everyone!

I’m going to tell you a bit about how to store seeds. I’ll start by telling you about desiccation-tolerant and intolerant seeds….here we go! 277 more words

Vexed by Laundry Again

Who doesn’t hate laundry? Ok, you one weirdo – of course you’re reading my blog.  Anywhooose – Here is how I imagine my laundry room looking one day: 232 more words