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Grown up life #5 - Teething problems

From arguments with people in the house to actual problems with the house, this house has been nothing but stress from the moment we moved in so far.  282 more words



There is immense beauty in the world, and I have a particular love for the beauty of things that are worn and decaying, like this building at a train station. 34 more words


Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy’s sculptures and installments at Hauser & Wirth’s can be described as playful, sexual, and nostalgic. Consistently pushing the boundaries in his art in order to force his audience out of their shells, he encourages exploring repression, inhibition, and primal urges (Amy 2014). 336 more words

The golden wheat that grows in the field is liken unto the many people in the city; some of it is good and some is rotten to the core.

Jasper J. Shaffer

Just Saying

The Body is a Temple worship it take care of it don’t just give it to anybody cause they may leave the temple on fire when they leave…

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Rotten Endings

I drink spoiled milk, and I eat curdled yogurt,

I make chicken with the insides still bleeding.

My juice from thanksgiving has fermented,

the celery is as crunchy as mom’s jello pudding, 21 more words



Psalm 40:1 -”I waited patiently for the LORD, he turned to me and heard my cry.”

Twigs, once old, long for the gusty winds

Age darkens their skin, green lust drops off… 231 more words