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Lies, Got a Feeling in My Soul

Tell me what you’ve seen
Was it all a dream?
Was i in it?
This life seemed so obscene
Until its over
A page turned so quickly my lover… 199 more words


Jan 23 2015 - Sailor Moon

My get-up-and-go has flown away but here is a doodle for the day. I’m not sure if I will continue it…


Fernweh: Prologue (Rough)


The trolley strolled down the streets of Janin in the early morning. A forty-five minute commute from the Ousem Flats in the Autumn District where my small one bedroom, one bath sat to the Spring District where my therapist was located. 729 more words


Going back to school/
After three rough days of sick/
I am excited

Even More Sketches

More ideation sketches – I felt like these ideas were more creative than the first round of sketches.


1 - 21

rough cotton scrapes my

palms, wind-stiff, sun-dried towel,

clean, soon to dry me

© Freya Pickard 2015


1/20/15 It's the Hairy Bullet!

The weather has warmed up and I’m feeling fresh n’ frisky. I can attest to being fresh as I just had a bath. You know what happens when I don’t have my collar on…BAM! 315 more words