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When Adam lost Lilith

I’m sorry,
I’m such an asshole – honey,
trickling down
will always taste
as sweet, nay matter
which lip it dost lay upon,
either thou ‘r – I… 102 more words


The beauty of your imperfections.

I struggle with perfectionism. If something is out of line, I will try and place it back in line. I have to constantly remind myself that I am not perfect and the journey we take in life is not a linear process of development. 371 more words

The Uprising Gentleman

Hair pulling

Hair pulling – a little something to spice things up. Just remember to discuss it before doing, because: a) some people don’t like to be submissive, b) not everyone likes it rough, c) hair roots may be very sensitive, d) must be in the right mood. 8 more words



He pinned her down against the table

No dining to be had tonight

Her face uncomfortable against that cold plastic surface

She felt his groin against her… 30 more words


i did not notice the Dalles’ Walmart
on the way to the Deschutes
i was distracted by stars

we slowed the Subaru
30 minutes later… 36 more words



Some people like it intense and emotional (at least once in a while). In everyday life I’m as emotional as a brick, so it’s only natural that I’m attracted to the opposite – passionate kissing, biting, scratching, etc. 24 more words


today, i'm feelin' good

This week was a little rough. Being a recent graduate and trying to find out which direction to go in is really hard! This hit me (AGAIN) and was on my mind… 350 more words