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Camping is staying in a hotel with no AC.

I always laugh when my sister and her husband, or anyone, really, talks longingly of camping- I will go camping, we will go camping, they will go camping, he,she or it will go camping… especially the WE will go camping. 181 more words

General Musings

Spring is right around the corner....which means camping season is upon us!

Spring is fast approaching…finally! With spring comes the fun of gearing up for another season of camping.

With trailers becoming easier to finance, more and more people are moving to the trailer life as opposed to “roughing” it with a tent and sleeping bag. 526 more words

The Jackass Hill Insane Asylum

This story was published in my first book, The Johari Mirror.   Please enjoy this humorous tale of a writer’s conceit.

To let the reader in on why I’m writing this, I’m old now and have realized that if a witness to certain lies and fantastic distortions does not try to correct them, then said witness deserves to be named a liar and distortionist in some significant degree himself.  2,642 more words

Lives Of The Illuminated

“If you are of any account, stay at home and make your way by faithful diligence; but if you are ‘no account’ go away from home and then you will have to work, whether you want to or not.

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The Beginning - Chapter 30, the end

Chapter 30
Well, it is the end of the old year and what a year it has been. The world has come to an end, as we knew it. 485 more words


The Beginning - chapter 28

Chapter 28
The weather cooperated and Thanksgiving Day dawned midmorning a bit cloudy but above zero, barely. Not a bad day for a hike. We prepared the load on the sled and headed over to Kara’s. 3,262 more words