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Minus The Train

DK gives us a simple review of his day.

Looks familiar, minus the train.

Yup, about right.

But where does he fit in blogging?

Ray Visotski

Dining at Your Desk

Dining at Your Desk

8 Reasons to Make it a Dining Don’t

Eating lunch at your desk happens to the best of us – we’re slammed with projects, there’s a meeting in the break room and it’s cold or wet outside. 461 more words


When You Are Engulfed in Poop....And Other Misnomers

As I’m writing this, I have about four day’s worth of cough medicine in my system, with the previous dose being the “nighttime” version. Seeing how I’m in the mindset of someone about to dose off any minute now with exhaustion and frustration from a long day of work, being sick and spending almost an hour putting a baby to bed, I think it’s almost appropriate to wish that I do not have to be greeted with a ginormous load of poop tomorrow morning, like the other day. 347 more words


Let's Talk Dirty....About Poop

I’ve changed a lot of diapers in the past year. Still, I have yet to come to a point where I can be immune to the smell of poop. 252 more words


A Game Called "Shut the Hell Up and Go to Bed"

We play this game a lot. Every single night, to be exact. Every single night for the past 450+ days, we’ve wrapped Lily up in a blanket, kissed her good night, and then she goes into my lap for a bottle (used to be breast for the first 3 1/2 months), then I work my magic and gets her to fall asleep. 248 more words