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Amy Orchard: Day 7 & 8: ROV, Multibeam, New Scientists, more Dolphins

NOAA Teacher At Sea

Amy Orchard

Aboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster

September 14-27, 2014

Mission:  Deep Habitat Classification

Geographical area of cruise: Tortugas Ecological Reserve and surrounding non-reserve area… 2,524 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea

Rov's Journal: Entry #54

I’ve learned that a Clinker across the way has a weakness for coin, and I now sweat at this impossible chance of escape. Jack speaks of an underground, sort-of trade that goes around during the Balsamic month, using method of the sewage pipes. 143 more words


Rov's Journal: Entry #26

I heard ruckus in the upper halls today. Judging by the sound of the stampede I’d say some sort of riot. Jack found it a good turn on, as I could hear him slamming his pelvis to the wall shouting his usual perversions and obscenities, laughing his ass off. 280 more words


Hacklet 16 - Terrific Telepresence Technology

This weeks Hacklet is all about being there when you can’t through the magic of telepresence. More than just teleconferencing, telepresence takes things a step further to put the user in a remote space. 587 more words

Hackaday Columns

Up and Running!

The Air and Aquatic Robot Research team is part of Dr. Sean Anderson’s PIRATE lab and is a multidisciplinary group of faculty and undergraduates in the fields of Biology, Environmental Science and Computer Science, working to improve research and data collection through the use of unmanned systems. 234 more words

Gæt en røøøøøv

1. Hvilken babe har denne ”supersize ass” med god fylde og runde kanter?
Kim Kardashian
Nicki Minaj
Jennifer Lopez

2. Hvilken fyr lægger krop til denne manderøv iført en g-streng? 27 more words


THP Hacker Bio: Rusty Jehangir

‘s project for the Hackaday Prize is extremely ambitious. He’s planning on sending an autonomous craft across the ocean, from LA to Hawaii, a distance that will end up being well over 2,500 miles The best part about this project? 824 more words

The Hackaday Prize