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Rov's Journal: Entry #1

The Taker finally came ‘round to the underbelly of Ursula’s stewing hell-pot. I was able to woo paper off the yellow mouthed cretin. I expect writing to do little for me, but anything that may do help to dispel the hisses from my darkly friend across the wall I am willing to try. 268 more words


Mine-Hunter vs. Mini-Sub, Don’t Forget the Sea Fox…

Eye-witness testimony, photographic evidence and reports of intercepted encrypted transmissions leaves little doubt recent incursions in Sweden’s territorial waters involved mini or midget submarines.

Much open criticism of Sweden’s submarine detection efforts in Stockholm Archipelago’s in-shore areas was aired in the global press. 815 more words


Captured (The Luck Runs Out)

“I have half the mind and wholly this fist, to pound your damnable head into the ground if you don’t start making sense!” Triton grabbed me by my bloodied scalp crossly, that pathetic wily look in his eye, “Now, w… 755 more words


Subsea UK: Inspiring Academics at Southampton University

Recently, I was asked by offshore company Specialist Subsea Services (S3), of whom I am employed as a Surveyor, to present at Southampton University as part of a series of student and graduate inspirational talks. 877 more words


R.O.B! the ROV

For the first time, take a look upon R.O.B! the ROV. Equipped with three bilge pumps, R.O.B! is a The Lincoln Group’s premier camera bot, built to survey and scout underwater environments. 161 more words


Sorry, Old Girl (Labyrinthine Part 5)

The hinge of the propellers suddenly creaked, then roared to life through the dark ahead, the rats now racing in flocks as the glint of the rusted blades sparked like flints smashing together. 1,805 more words