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The Cloaked One

All aspects had been weighed. The risks, abundant, and deadly. Rov knew that upon entering the throne room of the Cloaked, the infamous necromancer of the East, the likelihood of living was far less pronounced than the likelihood of death. 1,001 more words


Mor til to og glad for mad, især de søde sager!

Der går ikke en dag uden at der popper en ny blog op omhandlende træning, det er da dejligt at se andre komme i form og gøre det de nu gør, men synes ikke de rammer mig, de giver mig ikke de råd som jeg søger, råd som jeg kan bruge. 282 more words

Rov's Journal: Entry #2

This is but my second entry, though several days have past. I am sure of it.

I’ve begun to grow increasingly tired of my neighbor nuisance. 289 more words


Rov's Journal: Entry #12

My suspicious friend in the cell just the right of mine has turned out to be a rather interesting and, in an ‘shit-starting-sadistic-hound-dog’ way, entertaining as well. 340 more words


Rov's Journal: Entry #1

The Taker finally came ‘round to the underbelly of Ursula’s stewing hell-pot. I was able to woo paper off the yellow mouthed cretin. I expect writing to do little for me, but anything that may do help to dispel the hisses from my darkly friend across the wall I am willing to try. 268 more words