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Ella Rae MEGA

I found the perfect substitute for Cowichan wool. This brand Ella Rae from Romania produces this gianormous, fluffy, beautiful roving-like wool that is just like the real thing. 44 more words


more hole chasing

The second of the friend’s much-loved thrift shop sweaters that had been used as meals by the moths. This time mended with needle-felted roving; much quicker and easier than the thread used previously, especially since this piece had more and larger holes. 12 more words


Needle Felting My Slippers

My slippers needed a little decoration. I decided, since the weather is turning gloomy for the winter, I wanted some sunflowers to make me smile. When I first heard of needle felting, I thought it must be something complicated, but it’s actually super easy. 614 more words


Cowl 012 - Stratus at sunrise

Stratus clouds are a genus of low-level cloud characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base. This light grey roving x hand-dyed wool (courtesy of… 100 more words


Autumn = break out the cozies!

I’ve been over-dressed for weeks now due to the unseasonable global weirding. I hope for our own sakes as well as that of the our Pancha Mama that autumn hurries its ass up! 89 more words


Cowl 007 - Night Orchid

Plush black roving wool x luxurious “Big Delight”. The dark background makes the pinks, oranges, chocolates and yellows vibrantly pop. Prettiest way to keep your neck warm, cozy and pretty this autumn and winter :) 64 more words


Cowl 006 - Bird of Paradise

This teal beauty is made of fluffy roving wool x luscious variegated wool “Big Delight” in bright pinks, yellows, oranges, magentas as well as rich chocolate browns. 84 more words