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Row80 mid-week update

I’ve done badly on my Row80 goals. I have been caught up in stress and let it distract me, some of which is unavoidable and some is my own inward anxiety. 1,058 more words


Boiling oil - babies and relaxing

We have had friend from forever up to stay for a long weekend – an unexpected surprise but for all of us great especially I think for the dog who cannot keep still from the excitement of it all, expressing little wimpers under her breath from the joy of it all:) 283 more words

a little bit of this and a little bit of that:) ROW80

It has been a fairly social week with two of my groups falling together due to the month beginning on a Thursday. One was a reading group held in the library of the nearest town. 722 more words

Free speech, words & ROW80 update

It has been a puzzling week for this old lady. Wrestling with the idea of censorship PC speak and free speech.the unfolding events in France has brought it to the fore. 633 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Week 1

First of all, I have a request, though given the crowd that visits this blog, I’m probably preaching to the choir here. Can we stop fussing about how other people read books? 813 more words


New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! As promised, today I’m back to talk about my goals for the coming year.

2015 is going to be busy, even before I add writing goals into the mix. 400 more words