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Bloody laugh, or else...

I’m currently going through a bit of a phase.

For people who know me, this is unsurprising – as someone with a very all-or-nothing personality, it’s an off day if I haven’t found some new, obscure thing to obsess over.  811 more words

...habsburg, 28 july; uk, 4 aug1914; ww 1 and all that...

…and, yes, the US on 17 Dec 1917…

As the march to insanity continues in quickstep and we await a happy failure to make that grave misstep, we take a look back – with some humour, albeit black. 65 more words


ode to an old crock

Last week I laid a dear household appliance to rest.

My mother’s old crockpot – an original Monier model in that particular shade of burnt orange that defined the ’70s – was declared unsafe by Mr Tag and Test who had noticed the frayed wiring at the base. 535 more words

Rocks In The Attic #334: Vangelis - ‘Chariots Of Fire (O.S.T.)’ (1981)

I haven’t seen Chariots Of Fire, or at least I don’t think I have. If I did, it must have been when it was first on television, which would have been when I was about five years old. 313 more words


Blackadder Goes Forth, Lessons In Liberty & the Evils of Power

The final scene in the last episode of the quite excellent TV comedy series Blackadder Goes Forth, which is set in the first world war, never fails to move me. 1,063 more words


New Item - Blackadder Lord Flashheart Patch

He’s so dashing, charming, brave, and irresistible — it’s no wonder even Queen Elizabeth has a crush on Lord Flashheart!

This sew-on patch depicts a minimalist style rendering of “Blackadder”‘s Lord Flashheart stitched on off-white cotton canvas, and measures approximately 4.7″ tall by 3.2″ wide.

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