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The Sore Loser

Angus Deayton presents a film award as Rowan Atkinson plays the bad loser accepting the award on behalf of someone else.

Artist: Rowan Atkinson

Love Actually

Richard Curtis (2003)

All I want for Christmas is you.

I've just watched: Johnny English Reborn

As I understand it the Johnny English films were based on Rowan Atkinson’s adverts for Barclaycard back in the early 1990s. Perhaps not the best source material but then again they must be special somehow because I can still recall them more than 20 years later. 167 more words


BLACKADDER GOES FORTH and the World War I Centenary...

In this highly emotive centenary year, there are no doubt scores of World War I articles and expositions being written right now by people much better versed in the subject than myself. 1,624 more words

...habsburg, 28 july; uk, 4 aug1914; ww 1 and all that...

…and, yes, the US on 17 Dec 1917…

As the march to insanity continues in quickstep and we await a happy failure to make that grave misstep, we take a look back – with some humour, albeit black. 65 more words