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The uses and abuses of Charles Darwin

I’m at the Cambridge University college that Charles Darwin attended before heading off on a ship to change the world’s views about the origin of the species, particularly the evolution of humans. 376 more words

The Search

Gone Fishing

I’m about to move house (move countries, as it happens) and so Project SJ will be taking a short-as-possible hiatus. In the meantime, please enjoy these videos featuring some of the Jesuits and allies who’ve participated in the project so far. 202 more words

Jesuit Priests

Five Great Books for Getting Back to the Basics of Christian Belief

The study of theology (as many of us know far too well) can land us in some pretty deep water, intellectually speaking. God is infinite, so it’s only natural that we should at times find ourselves utterly lost in “ 899 more words

Five Great Books

Monastic Counter-culture and Witness to a Different Form of Life

In short, what changes hearts, in Bede’s understanding, is the visible demonstration of new possibilities for life together – a life without acquisitiveness, a life not ashamed of depending on the generosity of others, inside and outside the community, a life unified by prayer.

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A man of faith with a firm grip on reality

Rowan Williams has deftly punctured the New Atheists’ accusation that religious belief is at odds with reason

By Rupert Shortt. August 23, 2014. Reposted from… 958 more words


Rowan Williams on Jesuit education

Many thanks to Dr. Williams, who kindly answered my questions by email despite a very busy schedule.

“I remember reading an article about the Jesuits in a Sunday newspaper supplement in the mid-sixties, and being fascinated by the diversity of intellectual and spiritual gifts displayed by the people interviewed. 494 more words


Life, food, air

It’s the really hungry who can smell fresh bread a mile away. For those who know their need, God is immediate – not an idea, not a theory, but life, food, air for the stifled spirit and the beaten, despised, exploited body.

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