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I’ve recently started reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s ‘spiritual memoir’ Living with a Wild God, in snatches, before bed. I’m not sure it is suited for this time. 688 more words

Orient Express

Heretical Eschatology

“The Anglo-American Protestant tradition of Judeo-centric prophecy interpretation was from its inception a political theology.

The tradition openly constructed friends (Jews) as well as enemies (Muslims and Roman Catholics), while cultivating occidentocentric discources that discounted Eastern Christians. 

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Five Great Books for Good Living

Each January 1, many of us faithfully make our resolutions. We vow to eat less and move more. To cut back on smoking, drinking, junk food, and a host of other self-destructive habits.  946 more words

Five Great Books

The Spiked Thresholds of Bliss

I recently went to the celebration of a friend’s life, who passed away not long ago at the tender age of 38 from cancer, leaving behind a two year old daughter and a twelve year old son. 1,059 more words


Like a spring day

The Edge of Words: God and the Habits of Language, Rowan Williams, Bloomsbury

Natural theology involves looking at the world and coming to conclusions about God based on what we see, as in William Paley’s famous and often caricatured analogy of finding a watch on the ground and concluding that it must have been designed by someone. 551 more words

Monty the Penguin and the Christmas Truce

As ever in the run up to Christmas the major retailers have released their Christmas ad. These ads have become something of an art form, a genre and are eagerly anticipated.   1,139 more words


A review of "Choose Life: Christmas and Easter Sermons in Canterbury Cathedral" by Bishop Rowan Williams

“Choose Life” is a collection of the Christmas and Easter Sermons of Bishop Rowan Williams, when he was Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002 – 2012. 284 more words

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