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The Edge Of Words – God and the Habits of Language

The Edge Of Words – God and the Habits of Language
By Rowan Williams
Bloomsbury – £20.00

To call this book dense is akin to calling Rome old, Paris beautiful or inexorable talent shows, the worse thing to have evolved since the outbreak of cholera or the unstoppable rise of the Nazi Party during the thirties. 720 more words


Rowan Williams Gets It -- a Spiritual Diagnosis

Some of you may recall a minor kerfluffle from the Christian Right a decade or so ago, when then Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams joined the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards and appeared in — gasp! 240 more words


Conservation poetry: a field guide

Is there such a thing as conservation poetry? This question has been running through my mind since I talked with a Masters student who was doing a project on ‘conservation art’. 975 more words


Rowan Williams on the work of doctrine

the job of doctrine is to hold us still before Jesus. When that slips out of view, we begin instead to use this language to defend ourselves, to denigrate others, to control and correct — and then it becomes a problem.

220 more words
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Rowan Williams: Christian Orthodoxy and ‘Contemplative Pragmatism’

In a collection of essays covering various writers and thinkers from within the Anglican tradition, Rowan Williams negotiates a variety of different approaches to Christian theology and its sources and, remarkably, manages to elucidate something that is common to them all – a unique way of doing things amidst the diversity of attitudes and methods that is distinctively Anglican. 1,918 more words


On chaos and Williams’ Rublev

I really find that life mid-20s have a certain sense of chaos to it. So many things that are yet completely up in the air and could end up anywhere – careers, relationships, homes. 261 more words

God in our lives: control freak or aloof?

Though it is incomprehensibly popular, the idea that the Christian God is a God who ensures that all that happens on earth fits into a divine plan and is according to God’s will is also unaccountably stupid. 1,214 more words