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Meeting God in Mark, by Rowan Williams

Meeting God In Mark, Rowan Williams’ volume based on talks given at Canterbury during 2010, has a carefully chosen title.  For Williams, the reader does not (just) discover, or learn about, or find God in Mark’s Gospel, but encounters God.  786 more words

Individuality, Personality and ‘Being Yourself’

The idea that one is an ‘individual’ above all else is a very common one nowadays – there seems to be an idea, accepted uncritically, that there exists such a thing as the naked ego, beholden only to itself, unattached to its environment and unformed by its history. 1,967 more words


Saint John of the Cross: The Choice Between God and Self

I have recently been re-reading some of Rowan Williams’ Wound of Knowledge – an excellent analysis of Christian spirituality from the New Testament to Saint John of the Cross – and found in its concluding chapter (which deals with Saint John) an incisive and insightful consideration of what it really means to follow Christ, in terms of Saint John’s theology and spirituality. 2,129 more words


Front Up or Fuck Off: Threads, Alex Willmott and Rhetorical Dishonesty

An excerpt from Alex Willmott’s new book has appeared at the Christian website Threads, and caused some debate.  I differ drastically from Willmott and the organization he was part of – Christian Vision For Men – on a range of theological and social issues, so I wasn’t particularly expecting to agree with the piece.  997 more words

The Edge Of Words – God and the Habits of Language

The Edge Of Words – God and the Habits of Language
By Rowan Williams
Bloomsbury – £20.00

To call this book dense is akin to calling Rome old, Paris beautiful or inexorable talent shows, the worse thing to have evolved since the outbreak of cholera or the unstoppable rise of the Nazi Party during the thirties. 720 more words


Rowan Williams Gets It -- a Spiritual Diagnosis

Some of you may recall a minor kerfluffle from the Christian Right a decade or so ago, when then Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams joined the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards and appeared in — gasp! 240 more words


Conservation poetry: a field guide

Is there such a thing as conservation poetry? This question has been running through my mind since I talked with a Masters student who was doing a project on ‘conservation art’. 975 more words