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Is Empathy the Solution for Human Ethics?

By Mara Block

This year the Tanner Lectures on Human Values were delivered by the renowned theologian and former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. These lectures are dedicated to advancing scholarly and scientific inquiry into the vast scope of moral, artistic, intellectual, and spiritual values “pertinent to the human condition, interest, behavior, and aspiration.” Williams began the lectures with a domain that is gaining attention for its potential insight into ethics and human behavior: the neurosciences. 561 more words


The Discipline of Creaturehood

Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury, once wrote:

“Discipleship in the body of Christ is in one sense simply a matter of constantly battling to be a creature, battling against all those instincts in us which make us want to be God or make us want to be what we think God is.”

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On scripture’s role as theological authority

A. Robert Jenson

There is no mandate to reproduce all apostolic theologoumena.

from Systematic Theology, Vol. 1 The Triune God…

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Theological Quotations

Review! Alcuin


Theology and Thought

by Douglas Dales

ISBN: 9780227173947

“Covering his life, influences, and works, this book offers its reader a well-researched study in Alcuin. [...] The book as a whole is quite detailed… and is perhaps more suited to those seeking a more robust academic read. 37 more words


Easter Sunday Sermon for 2014 (Year A)

Easter Sunday, globally by far the most important festival in the Christian year, has also become the most variable, with a profusion of religious customs and impressive occasions, most of which represent sincere attempts to demonstrate and celebrate the significance of Jesus’ empty tomb. 1,729 more words


10 Things The Archbishop Needs To Know About Climate Change

By Paul Homewood




The former Archbishop of Canterbury, in his new capacity as chairman of Christian Aid, has weighed in a subject, that he appears to know precisely zip all about. 1,130 more words

Climate Change

Archive speech: Rowan Williams vs the Supercasino

“Institutions that can encourage criminality and intensify irresponsibility are poor allies of social and civic regeneration.” – Most Rev and Rt Hon Rowan Williams, 28/3/07…

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