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A blog eh?

So… the Principal at my school told me to start a blog about what it feels like to be in my first year of teaching. So, being the young… 377 more words


Birds, Bees and Butterflies

This garden was one we put in about 3 years ago (time all melds together at this point – maybe it was four years, maybe two).   214 more words


Enough Already

I woke up this morning to thunder rumbling in the west and air that was thick.  Visibility was low.  It rained, hard.

There were breaks of sunshine allowing me to get a little gardening in but the day pretty much looked like this.   97 more words

Fig Bars

After baking these and posting this photo yesterday I had a number of requests for the recipe so here goes.  This comes from the King Arthur Flour Baking Companion – a book that I’m slowly baking my way through. 377 more words


Digging Sod

I have been thinking about expanding this garden for a couple of years now.  I blame the weather for my lack of commitment to the project.   558 more words


The Coop - Some Thoughts

I finished the coop today. This journey began June 18 so it took a little over a month to complete.  I have to say that I am pleased with how it came out and the chickens really love their new home.   495 more words


Worklejerkin' Hard or Hardly Worklejerkin'?? (Hint: It's the First One)

My brother and I have had career paths as diametrically opposed as…huh, I can’t even think of a metaphor for this one. But it’s true: He’s spent very little time in a traditional office environment, I’ve been in one almost exclusively; I’m confined to pretty strict office hours, he’s just responsible for getting things done before a given deadline, no matter when that may be. 1,625 more words