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Rowing WOD 4/24/14: 3RFT - 500m Row, (21-15-9) Push Ups, (21-15-9) Power Cleans - Post Time and Game Plan

Rowing WOD;

Complete For Time…

500m Row

21 Push Ups

21 Power Cleans (95/65 lbs.)

500m Row

15 Push Ups

15 Power Cleans (95/65 lbs.) 285 more words


Rowing WOD 4/23/14: AMRAP8 − 750m Row, 15 Plate Burpees – Post Score

Rowing WOD:

As Many Rounds As Possible in 8min …

750m Row (@2k Goal Pace)

15 Plate Burpees (Do a burpee and hop onto a 45 lb. 328 more words


Rowing WOD 4/22/14: 6 x 750m w/ 2min Rest – Post Splits

Rowing WOD:

6 x 750m w/ 2min Rest

1st & 2nd @2k Pace (w/ Start)

  • 3rd @2k+5
  • 4th @2k+3
  • 5th @2k+1
  • 6th @2k (w/ Sprint Finish)
  • 158 more words

Rowing WOD 4/21/14: “Earth Worm” – 2x14min varying rates – Post Distance

Rowing WOD:

“Earth Worm”

2 x 14min w/ 4min Rest as follows …

  • 2min @20 s/m
  • 2min @24
  • 2min @22
  • 2min @26
  • 2min @24
  • 2min @28…
  • 119 more words

Question of the Day

Hi!! I’m a high school junior, and recently I’ve been looking at colleges. At my high school, I’m a mid-pack rower, but the colleges I’m applying to are for academic reasons, and most of them are D1 and way too competitive for me as a rower. 367 more words


Rest Day 4/20/14: Where should we gather during the stroke? - Share

Where should we gather during the stroke?

When performing cleans or snatches in a wod with moderate weight it is possible to touch and go.  In order to touch and go there is a gathering point just above the knee when returning the weight to the floor where athletes lock in their posture and prepare their body for the next repetition.   159 more words


Rowing WOD 4/19/14: Max Pressure 2×1250m, 2x700m, 2x300m – Post Avg Splits

Rowing WOD:

Max Pressure

2 x 1,250m w/ 5:30 Rest

2 x 700m w/ 3:30 Rest

2 x 300m w/ 1:30 Rest

Remember, the goal is to row at max pressure for every piece.   136 more words