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Sesheke to Upperby March 31st 1955

Dear Mum and Dad

Thank you for your letters, for which I have waited before writing. Before leaving the subject, Dad, I want to say that it was not the fact of responsibility without authority, for I did have authority and wasn’t worried about the consequences of my actions reacting on those “up top” – no, the thing was sheer pressure of work, a good deal of which was to me, breaking new ground, and which meant I was working long hours and my brain was steaming along at an incredible rate, so much so that I was findning it difficult to sleep for that my brain didn’t seem to want to stop thinking! 371 more words


Joe’s first bit of filming

Up until a few months ago Joe’s list of talents included eating, sleeping, doing impressions of creepy Herbert from Family Guy (even with the whistle in his voice – he once sang “Somewhere over the rainbow” to me when I was asleep and I was traumatised for days) and playing guitar like a pro. 328 more words

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