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Enter the Demons...

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive.  During a challenging workout, there often comes a point where I crack and suddenly am berating myself for being too slow, too sloppy and too unfit.   442 more words


On the Trail

If you set your mind to it, you could walk from Astoria, Oregon south to the California border. That’s because in 1967, the far-sighted people of Oregon passed a bill ensuring that, “the public has free and uninterrupted use,” of all 362 miles of coastline. 


Rowing WOD 4/21/14: “Earth Worm” – 2x14min varying rates – Post Distance

Rowing WOD:

“Earth Worm”

2 x 14min w/ 4min Rest as follows …

  • 2min @20 s/m
  • 2min @24
  • 2min @22
  • 2min @26
  • 2min @24
  • 2min @28…
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Friday 19/4/14

I finally went to a chiropractic in the morning, after bootcamp at 6am(!!!!). He looked at my body, did some testings and said no above the head lifting for 2 days. 146 more words

Workout Of The Day /WOD/

Question of the Day

Hi!! I’m a high school junior, and recently I’ve been looking at colleges. At my high school, I’m a mid-pack rower, but the colleges I’m applying to are for academic reasons, and most of them are D1 and way too competitive for me as a rower. 367 more words


Engagement Session: Rowing Away Into Love

In a world full of lush greens, love, and one adorably happy couple, Deedra Pike Photography takes us to an engagement session styled around the couple’;s love of rowboats and vintage bikes. 24 more words

Daily Ideas

Rest Day 4/20/14: Where should we gather during the stroke? - Share

Where should we gather during the stroke?

When performing cleans or snatches in a wod with moderate weight it is possible to touch and go.  In order to touch and go there is a gathering point just above the knee when returning the weight to the floor where athletes lock in their posture and prepare their body for the next repetition.   159 more words