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ROY G BIV: Violet

When I was a little girl, this was my favorite color and I called it POYPUL :)

I’ve enjoyed this rainbow-colored creative exercise so much over the past week that I’m thinking of making it a seasonal thing; I’m enchanted by the idea that, by summer, I’ll be able to discover all seven gorgeous hues in natural forms.

12/365: violet spiral


ROY G BIV: Indigo

OK, so I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about this one…

Today: Indigo

11/365: violet blue



What luck! The sole spot of color on the frozen expanse of Lake Nokomis: a bright blue ice-fishing house.

Today: Blue

10/365: blue clam on nokomis


ROY G BIV: Green

Putting the G in Roy G. Biv…

Today’s color: Green

9/365: vintage clocks


ROY G BIV: Yellow

Day Three. Having so much fun scouting for color in the winter landscape.

A perfect expression of the seasonal change in play: this truck is clearly out-of-commission until sledding season ends.

8/365: dump truck, interrupted


ImageOHIO 15 at ROY G BIV Gallery

ImageOHIO 15

Juried by Benjamin Montague

Exhibition runs from January 20-February 20, 2015, at the Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, January 23, from 7-9pm… 197 more words

Community Outreach

ROY G BIV: Orange

Day two of the rainbow colors theme. Yesterday it was -20 something windchill so I could only stay out for a short time. It was like a scavenger hunt with the clock ticking down…just enough time to spy with my little eye. 30 more words