Behind The Scenes: William Friedkin's Sorcerer

Here is six minutes of rare 8mm behind the scenes footage of “Sorcerer” shot in New Jersey. This is the Roy Scheider/Jackie Scanlon sequence of the film and it is well worth watching if you are fan. 42 more words

Roy Scheider

Victor Mature : Man of Action

Taking on the Japanese.

Fighting sharks long before Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw.

Playing with fire.

Making history.

Taming the Jungle.

Messing with Vincent.

Lastly, making me jealous!

Daily Take

The future of me, as seen through movies.

Ask almost any teenager about their future, and you’ll get an uneasy laugh or a heavy sigh. Either response reflects one thing: fear. I’m afraid of the future because I have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be going in the next five years. 361 more words


The Thrill of Ben Gardner's Boat

When it comes to movie memories, I love to reminisce. When your a kid you see the ads on television for the new movies playing at the local theaters and just hope that someday you’ll get a chance to see them. 733 more words

Daily Take

56. 2010: The Year We Make Contact

I love movies about expeditions to space. Even the bad ones like Event Horizon, Prometheus, or Galaxy of Terror still maintain that central curiosity and wonder, and it’s fun what we discover at the edge of the universe. 368 more words

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