Chandler's Trailers: "Last Embrace" (1979)

     Such is the continuous flow of discontented comment expressed about what constitutes a “bad” film (nobly assisted by a film industry which strains to give a new voice to every emergent theory on a weekly basis) that when a movie of such undeniable awfulness alights on a theater screen, the eager (though tired) critical cutlery will emerge to begin the latest seminar of dissection or, in extreme cases, prior commentary might be brought to its knees with the emergence of an altogether unprecedented level of offense.  132 more words

The Strand Arts Centre Belfast, Classic Movie Screening: Jaws (25/09/2014)

ON Thursday 25th September the Strand Arts Centre in East Belfast will be screening Steven Spielberg’s 1975 blockbusting classic, Jaws. Based on Peter Benchley’s novel, Spielberg’s film about a giant great white shark terrorising the inhabitants of the New England beach resort of Amity Island was a huge box-office success and completely redefined the summer blockbuster genre. 76 more words


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Bob Fosse Was A Certifiable Genius

The ‘70s continue to be recognized as one of the most fertile creative periods in film history. So many great filmmakers began or defined their careers in that time, many of whom are still creating terrific work to this day. 1,322 more words


The French Connection (1971)

Gene Hackman is one of the few actors that can make an unlikeable character likeable. Whether its his famous turn as Lex Luthor or films like Mississippi Burning or Runaway Jury, he has a charm that can get audiences behind his characters. 547 more words



This riveting unsung 1977 American movie classic is not to be missed as it makes its rightful return to the big screen.  The film is a knuckle-busting thrill ride that deftly incorporates brilliant social and political commentary on crime, labor, and politics.   164 more words

2014 Movies

All That Jazz (1979)

All That Jazz

★ ★ out of 5

Directed by Bob Fosse

Starring Roy Scheider as Joe Gideon

Imdb Link

A dying musical theater director recounts his tales of womanizing, drug using, and directing his final show. 296 more words