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Council prioritises opera over vulnerable and homeless


Kensington and Chelsea Labour Group Councillors are appalled to learn that the Council is planning to make a… 414 more words

This programme contains product placement: Does anyone else find it difficult to not stare at everyone’s eyebrows on Made In Chelsea?

Alik Alfus made it clear he was both livid and destroyed by news that his beloved couldn’t recall if she had cheated on him or not. 335 more words

Alik Alfus

Organisations that help make our borough great

One of the things I have been trying to do as Council leader is to go round the borough meeting the organisations that make Kensington and Chelsea the great place that it is. 307 more words

Holland Park Youth Hostel RIP: the end of an era.

Yes, it has finally happened… the unthinkable, the unimaginable, a truly sad event. The closure of one of London’s most loved and beautiful old Youth Hostels. 393 more words

This programme contains product placement: further disturbance in Chelsea air

Chelsea’s finest were at it again in Episode 5 of E4’s Made In Chelsea and poor Alik Alfus still can’t catch a break in his new surroundings. 244 more words

Alik Alfus

When announcing his mansion tax proposals, it was quite predictable that Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls would choose to talk about a “billionaire overseas buyer”.

But I suspect Ed Balls knows perfectly well that the people who will end up paying his tax aren’t billionaires, or from overseas, or even buyers; they will actually be members of our long-term community. 

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Several years ago, we first discovered that the Rotten Borough planned to destroy Lancaster Green and replace it with the Kensington Aldridge Academy. We realised this would also mean the destruction of the much used five-a-side football pitches on the site and the displacement of the users of that facility to the nearby Westway Sports Centre. 880 more words