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TR: Jewel of the Seas 2014 Caribbean Cruise Pt. 2 - Ship Review (10/11-10/18/2014)

When I do trip reports of cruises, the ship itself is what I start with. It is where most of the action on a cruise takes place, whether sleeping, eating, or some combination where I snore with a sandwich in my mouth. 2,490 more words


TR: Jewel of the Seas 2014 Caribbean Cruise Pt. 1 - Preface

At one point in 2012, we had three cruises concurrently booked. I mention this specifically because after that third cruise of the group, we somehow managed to have zero booked for several months and not even any clear plan of when to next do one, where it would be, anything. 877 more words


A Quantum Leap(frog)

Over the past several days, I have been standing in tall cotton . . . as we are wont to say in the south.  Just consider these three fortuitous and unexpected events.  1,012 more words

Ship To Shore