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Bhutan Diaries: Day 7 - Exploring Paro

The night at the resort had been amazing. It had been cold throughout the night and the heater in our room did a lot than what we had expected considering the size of the room. 1,711 more words


Treasure - Benaka at Kodachadri

This moment is a treasure,and on 14th June 2011 I was riding to Kollur away from Udupi at 90 kms. I encountered very heavy rains and despite wearing a full face helmet the visibility was very low. 142 more words


My First Motorcycle Trip – Talakadu and Shivanasamudra

This story was supposed to come before my previous write-up. But the fact that my second ride story was a Harley-Davidson ride just got me all excited.  2,473 more words

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Bhutan Diaries: Day 6 - Phuentsoling (BT) to Paro (BT)

We were late to leave Phuentsoling since the RTO had closed down the previous day and we were therefore scheduled to process our vehicle permits today (10th October). 1,515 more words


Bhutan Diaries: Day 5 - Dalkhola (WB) to Phuentsoling (BT)

This was going to be a big day. We were finally going to enter Bhutan today. The only minor tension we had was the riots in Kishanganj and we were skepticalas to would they pose a problem for us on the highway. 1,331 more words


Motorcycle Radio: DawgHouse #286 ready for download

Click here to get to this week’s Podcast

Great interview with 15 year old Jayson Uribe an American racing professionally in Europe.

Discussion of latest SOA episode “Faith and Despondency  “ 33 more words

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Bhutan Diaries: Day 4 - Rajgir (BR) to Dalkhola (WB)

As we left Rajgir boards citing historical places were seen more prominently than they were on the previous night. I have always had a liking for history and therefore was feeling the pangs of not being able to spend time in this historically important city. 1,750 more words