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RFA Argus sails to Africa

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship RFA Argus has been featured in the news rather a lot this week, having set sail on Friday 17th October 2014 for West Africa to join the international effort against the Ebola virus. 224 more words


94 Year old Royal Marines Veteran is re-presented with the iconic Green Beret

94 year old Frank Cramp, a veteran of the Royal Marines, of Sword Beach and the Second World War has been presented with a new green beret from his contemporary unit; 42 Commando Royal Marines. 550 more words

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Saturday 10 October 1914 - We Lost 51

The Belgians formally surrender Antwerp.

Fifty-seven British soldiers have been killed during the siege; nine hundred thirty-six are taken prisoner and sent to camps in Germany while 1,600 retreat into neutral Holland, where they will be interned for the remainder of the Great War. 217 more words

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UK Royal Marine Commando brings amphibious operations knowledge to Japan

Some time ago I suggested Japan’s plans to build a military amphibious capability might offer an opportunity for the UK Royal Marine Commandos to contribute to UK-Japan Defence Cooperation. 442 more words

The Royal Naval Division.

Despite the activity of the British Government in the defence of Antwerp the BEF had little involvement in the early stages. However with the arrival of Winston Churchill in Antwerp on the 3rd October there was a specific initiative to send troops to aid in the defence. 263 more words

The Thinking Poem...

The Royal Marines Commandos say its a state of mind, never a truer statement.

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Friday 2 October 1914 - We Lost 38

The British force in West Africa that captured Bapele Bridge captures Maka.

A detachment of Royal Marines and Royal Engineers land at Pitti and try to circle behind the German positions and cut the railway in the rear.  81 more words

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